Putting all your eggs into one basket can lead to a possible letdown

Not that many years ago, when I was in high school (I’ll pause for a minute to allow you to stop chuckling about the timeline), I played several sports. Some of those contests are still very vivid in my mind, no matter how long ago it was.

When it came time to play our arch rival in basketball, or play for the league championship in baseball, or to compete in the county track meet, the days leading up to that moment was fraught with tension. It would all come down to one game on one day to determine our lives for the foreseeable future.

That’s what participating in athletics is all about. You invest so much time and effort in trying to win, that every other aspect of your life is put on hold. I refer to the situation as putting all your eggs in one basket. Win and everything is fine. Lose and you think your life is going to end.

As one grows older you realize that the importance we put on athletic contests was too great, but telling that to a high school kid is wasting your breath. Though many of those contests ended in defeat, we found out that our lives would indeed go on and everything will once again be just fine.

Yes, life went on, though with a letdown. Any athletic endeavor that took place shortly after these emotional contests didn’t usually go well. Trying to regain your desire, focus and dedication was tough.

So, where am I going with this? For me, the city bowling tournament was a “basket of eggs” scenario, though not on the same level as a kid playing high school sports. Each week in league play if the team didn’t do well or I struggled personally, there was always next week. But in the tournament, it was now or never. One shot to perform and you did not want to let your teammates down.

It was stressful and invariably led to a letdown the following week come league play. So did this week’s league scores feature a letdown? Let’s take a look at a few bowlers who were coming off a tournament performance.

Bob Reinhart bowled in the City Tournament. How did he fare this week? He had a 211 game in the 55 Plus League and a 190 with the Allen Eiry folks. Harry Smith bowled in the City Tournament and matched Bob’s 190 effort on Wednesday afternoon. Doesn’t seem they had a letdown.

Wendy Krupp followed up her stellar City Tournament performance with a 507 series that included a 193 game. Heather Butler’s 488 made the honor roll as did Rhonda Tiell’s 479 in that same Alley Cats League. Seems there was no letdown for these ladies.

Mike Kimmet and Jerry Gillig bowled in the City Tournament and they produced 225 and 214 games this week. As far as series scores go, look at these three bowlers and see if you notice a letdown. Rich Yates Sr. posted a 720, Mark Hendricks 725 and Rich Yates Jr. a 749 in the Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman League. Did they have a letdown? I don’t think so.

All right, here’s one last example. Roger Kramer bowled in the City Tournament. He couldn’t quite get to the 700 plateau in the Wednesday Morning League as he came up short with a 698, but I doubt he cared. All Roger did was to throw his first ever perfect game. Congrats, Roger, on your 300!

It would appear that these bowlers stashed a few eggs in another basket. Either that or they have no idea what the devil I’m even talking about!

Here’s this week’s bowling scores.

Wednesday Morning: Roger Kramer 698 (300), Mark Phillips 663, Jeff Chance 615, Dustin Fitch 606, Joe Brickner 600, Dianne Smith 512 and Deb Phillips 428.

Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman: Rich Yates Jr. 749, Mark Hendricks 725, Rich Yates Sr. 720, Jim Lord 630, Jim Mason 615, Kevin Yarger 608, Deb Nominee 483, Meg Pifer 470 and Miriam Fankhauser 400.

Lady Knights: Deb Hoerig 475, Alaina Weaver 474, Carol Burmeister 452, Marilyn Gangluff 442, Debra Gase 402 and Lin Nitecki 401.

Alley Cats: Monica Musgrave 547, Crystal Baker 508, Wendy Krupp 507, Heather Butler 488 and Rhonda Tiell 479.

Senior: Doug Snyder 569, Tim Gassner 565, Ken Ritzler 557, Alex Reamer 539, Dan Roessner 526, John Arend 515, Dan Gaietto 507, Bennett Paulus 503 and Fred Reimer 501.

Allen Eiry: Bob Reinhart 347 (190), Harry Smith 345 (190), Robin Brownell 328 (172), Joanne Elchert 302, Bill Steinmetz 289, Ed Wise 281, Jim Donaldson 276, Larry Cobb 262, Dave Everhart 256 and Melissa DeMoss 250.

Rocket: Tom Tiell 610, Rodney Ohms 600, Shawn Coppus 590, Jason Ball 574 and Tyson Shope 531.

55 Plus: Jim Ruess 571 (242), Bob Reinhart 545 (211), Mike Kimmet 542 (225), Jerry Gillig 522 (214), Dick Gabel 502, Hank Collet 487, Jim Donaldson 486, Paul Gosche 482, Jerry Coleman 470, Al Thomas 466, Dave Everhart 439, Jim Ferstler 434 and John Ferstler 399.

Al Stephenson is the bowling columnist for The Advertiser-Tribune.

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