How about a little bowling trivia, courtesy of the PBA membership

This writer spent a week in Florida recently. I was — as always — in search of a bowling story while playing the occasional round of golf. Seems this trip — similarly to all the others — had an emphasis on the links rather than the lanes.

I fully expected to get in touch with Missy Klug as I have done for the last four years. Having watched her bowl in a LPBA event in Michigan last summer, I wanted to see what she had to say about the tournament. Alas, our paths didn’t cross this year as golf kept getting in the way.

As I was returning home thinking that no bowling story would come from this trip, I spied an exit sign for Wesley Chapel. Now I knew a PBA bowler hailed from there and I was pretty sure I knew who it was. I looked up the information and found out I was wrong. As hard as that is to believe, I started wondering how many PBA fans know where their favorite bowlers live.

So the mind started working and I decided I would quiz you on that very subject. I have compiled a list of 14 PBA members and their place of residence. I will give you that list of bowlers and addresses and you can take the quiz. So get your cup of coffee and a scratch pad and get to work. The answers will be found at the end of this column.

Good luck and no peeking!

No. 1 — Wes Malott.

No. 2 — Tom Smallwood.

No. 3 — Brad Angelo.

No. 4 — Tommy Jones.

No. 5 — Walter Ray Williams Jr.

No. 6 — Patrick Allen.

No. 7 — Sean Rash.

No. 8 — Rhino Page.

No. 9 — Ryan Shafer.

No. 10 — Chris Barnes.

No. 11 — Pete Weber.

No. 12 — E.J. Tackett.

No. 13 — Norm Duke.

No. 14 — Parker Bohn III.

Here is your list of residences for our 14 touring pros.

A — St. Ann, Missouri.

B — Wesley Chapel, Florida.

C — Double Oak, Texas.

D — Lockport, New York.

E — Jackson, New Jersey.

F — Clermont, Florida

G — Simpsonville, South Carolina.

H — Pflugerville, Texas.

I — Orlando, Florida.

J — Montgomery, Illinois.

K — Horseheads, New York.

L — Saginaw, Michigan.

M — Huntington, Indiana.

N — Oxford, Florida

All right, I’ll take a break now while you finish the quiz …

Done already? I trust you didn’t peek. Since you are in the mood for trivia, I will ask a few other questions to whet the appetite. Give yourself a bonus point if you can match the bowler above to the following facts.

This bowler is nicknamed Deadeye, not only for his bowling prowess, but for his ability in another sport. Double points if you know what the other sport is.

This bowler owns his own bowling center and I have seen it from the outside. Hint: he’s the one from Lockport, New York.

This bowler ranks No. 1 in wins on the PBA Tour.

This bowler ranks No. 3 in wins on the PBA Tour.

This bowler grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

This bowler was valedictorian of his high school class.

This bowler is from the same city where former Vice President Dan Quayle attended high school.

All right, let’s start with the last seven questions. Walter Ray Williams Jr. is nicknamed Deadeye for his ability to pitch horseshoes. He is a six-time national horseshoe pitching champion.

Brad Angelo owns his own bowling center and if I thought he would have been there I might have stopped.

Walter Ray (47) is the leading winner on the PBA Tour while Norm Duke (38) ranks third. Who is between them? If you guessed Earl Anthony (43) you can take another point.

Sean Rash grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and Ryan Schaffer was apparently the smartest kid in his high school class. E.J. Tackett and Dan Quayle both hail from Huntington, Indiana.

Now for the results on the original quiz.

I told you NOT to peek!!!

1 is H, 2 is L, 3 is D, 4 is G, 5 is N, 6 is B, 7 is J, 8 is I, 9 is K, 10 is C, 11 is A, 12 is M, 13 is F and 14 is E.

55 Plus: Jim Ruess 600 (235), Mike Kimmet 578 (205), Bob Reinhart 540, Jim Donaldson 507, Paul Gosche 504, John Ferstler 468, Jim Ferstler 462, Dick Gabel 461, Paul Fey 458, Dave Everhart 452, Jerry Gillig 444 and Jerry Coleman 409.

Rocket: Jason Ball 688, Roger Coppus 615, Rodney Ohms 611, Tyson Shope 607, John Klingshirn 603 and Jon Distel 603.

Al Stephenson is The A-T bowling columnist.

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