A bowling fun(d)raiser, where are they now and a series for the ages

Can you name a more fun athletic experience for the entire family than an evening at your local bowling establishment?  If you suggested going to Wednesday’s World Series Game 7, you may be on to something.  However, doing that with the entire family might have meant having to sell some of your property to purchase tickets. Bowling would be much, much cheaper.

We will talk about baseball a little later. For now, I’m going to try to get you to go bowling — this week!Starting Monday, Heritage Lanes is having a fundraiser to support Tiffin Columbian athletics, in particular the bowling teams. Yes, Heritage Lanes will transform into Tornado Alley, which gives a more pleasant meaning to the term.  Heritage is going to donate 20 percent of bowling fees to the Tornado Athletic Boosters to help TC keglers.

You can bowl Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5-11 p.m. Friday night the hours extend to midnight.  Saturday’s festivities begin at noon and run to 1 AM.  On Sunday Nov. 13 you can bowl from noon to 10 PM.  Bowl any day or every day and you will not only have tons of fun, you will be supporting the Tornadoes bowling squads.

Tiffin Columbian had a great bowling season last year and a couple of seniors have decided to continue their bowling careers in college. Where are they now?  I’m glad you asked.

Will Jones is bowling for Muskingum University and Kris Wilson is throwing the rock for Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne.  In addition to the former Tornadoes, Clyde’s Isaac Milleson is bowling for Vincennes University and Sandusky’s Dominic D’Quichi is bowling for Wright State University.  Jones, Wilson and D’Quichi all bowled in Columbus at the Bowling Palace last weekend.Jones had a good day on the lanes, finishing seventh and 35th in two conference tournaments.  He is averaging 190 for the season and is ranked 46th in the country among freshman keglers.

All three of them will be bowling again not far from here Nov. 19.  They will be participating in the BGSU Falcon Classic at Interstate Lanes in Rossford.  The tournament will begin at 8 a.m.  If you want to follow up on some talented former high school bowlers, here is your chance.

A trip to Heritage Lanes this week and you can support some future college bowlers while having fun participating in this great sport.As for the aforementioned World Series, what a thrill it was for Cleveland Indian fans this season.  I suppose there are a few people out there that are bemoaning a “blown” 3-1 Series lead, but they miss the point.  What the Tribe did this season was amazing.When you play nearly the whole season without your best hitter and go into the playoffs without your starting catcher and No. 2 and No. 3 starting pitchers and then take the Cubs to the seventh game of the World Series…  Well, amazing is the appropriate word.

Here’s another way to look at things. I once asked basketball players at New Riegel if winning the state championship would be awesome. Of course, they agreed.  I then wondered aloud what they would be willing to do to get that championship. “Nearly anything,” was the response.So I asked them if they were willing to forego the season. You win every game by forfeit. You don’t even have to play and that trophy will be sitting in the school for years to come. Suddenly, they didn’t like the idea as much.

Sometimes we forget that the thrill is in the ride and not so much in the end result. Yes, winning the World Series would have been awesome, but it was not to be. Instead it was another long-suffering fanbase that got to celebrate.

All the Indian fans got was a thrilling ride.  For that boys, I say bless you.

Before we take a look at this week’s bowling honor roll, I would like to remind the men bowlers that the Tiffin Men’s Bowling Association meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 17 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.  Plans for the City Bowling Tournament will be discussed.

Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman: Rich Yates Jr. 713, Ben Hoyda 671, Jerry Meyer 668, Wes Steele 663, Mark Hendricks 651, Steve Steinmetz Jr. 647, Eric Smith 621, Shawn Fitch 620, Brian Harrod 616, Deb Nominee 616, Greg Tiell 610, Linda Brookes 528 and Phyllis Riley 482.Senior: Alex Reamer 583, Bennett Paulus 546, John Arend 542, Ken Ritzler 530 and Scott Kramer 500.

Wednesday Morning: Rich Yates, Jr. 668, Tyson Shope 649, Dustin Fitch 464, Dave Jones 612, Paul Landers 611, Samantha Wiley 528, Beth Jones 526, Deb Phillips 473 and Dianne Smith 458.Lady Knights: Carol Burmeister 438, Marilyn Gangluff 437, Janet Coffman 415, Debra Gase 402 and Nerita Streacker 402.

Rocket: Rodney Ohms 624, Tyson Shope 624, Martin Klingshirn 622, Tom Tiell 619 and Samantha Wiley 614.55 Plus: Bob Cleveland 630, Jim Ruess 628, Bill Mizen 616, Rick Hanna 565, Jim Donaldson 521, Jerry Gillig 513, Bob Reinhart 508, Jim Ferstler 475, Paul Gosche 475 and Dave Everhart 471.

Allen Eiry: Bob Reinhart 382, Harry Smith 315, Dave Everhart 294, Jim Donaldson 292, Ken Jones 277, Betty Sendelbach 277, Chris Smith 276 and Jean Wolfe 274.

Alley Cats: Robyn Wight 500, Wendy Krupp 491, Lorrie Williams 461, Jamie Thom 455 and Kate Reser 453.

Al Stephenson is The A-T’s bowling columnist.

Read his blog at:www.advertiser-tribune.com