TC gets two pair of top-10s

Columbian’s girls doubled up twice on the top-10 efforts Saturday at the Tiffin Carnival at Hedges-Boyer Park.

The varsity squad claimed fifth in the Division I-B race on the strength of Caleigh Aigler finishing eighth in 20:01.5, while Madison Grabert crossed the line third in 21:33.6 to guide the other group of Tornadoes to 10th in the Division I open.

Toledo St. Ursula Academy nosed out Marysville on a tiebreaker for the Division I-B team title after both ended with 100 points.

Sylvania Southview held off Lakewood 126-136 for third, with Columbian scoring 160 points for fifth out of 28 teams.

Kelsey Weingart backed Aigler by taking 31st (21:08.9), Dallas Poll (21:18.7) and Mia Ingalls (21:23.4) ran 36th and 37th, and Ali Woessner came in 48th (21:35) for TC.

Serena Ingalls (49th, 21:36.3) and Annalyce Bowles (58th, 21:48.7) also ran for the Tornadoes.

Meanwhile, Grabert’s finish in the open race helped Columbian take 10th out of 29 teams with 289 points.

Sierra Steinmetz added a 13th (22:15.7) for TC, Kaitlyn Keefe (24:32.7) and Lydia Cole (24:33.7) claimed 106th and 107th and Eva Hines took 137th (25:14.2).

Katey Reinhart (189th, 25:56.3), Olivia Halsey (195th, 26:07.9) and Sam Haner (218th, 26:32.7) rounded out that group of Tornadoes.

Perrysburg cruised past Bay 36-120 for the Division I open crown.

Beard, Bellevue both fifth

Seneca East’s Kennedy Beard and Bellevue’s team each captured fifth Saturday in the Division II-B race at the Tiffin Carnival at Hedges-Boyer Park.

Beard finished in 20:41.4 to lead all area runners.

Bellevue edged Gibsonburg 247-248 for fifth in the 34-team field.

Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary took the title with 130 points, Fort Loramie nosed out Brookside 154-155 for second, and Minster came in fourth with 204 points.

Upper Sandusky outlasted Hopewell-Loudon 285-286 for eighth. Seneca East wound up 20th (500).

Dominique Weisz claimed 14th (21:17.7) to lead Bellevue, Rylee Bollenbacher ran 21st (21:28.8), Vanessa Shanaman took 39th (22:20.2), Hope Alda added an 82nd (23;15.1) and Megan Verhoff ended 91st (23:23.2).

Lilli Ray (94th, 23:27.3) and Courtney Fox (121st, 24:14.1) also ran for Bellevue.

Upper Sandusky got an 18th from Macy Mewhorter (21:24.2), 49th from Gracie Manns (22:38.5), 50th from Maya Collins (22:40.4), 80th from Hannah Plymale (23:14.9) and an 88th from Haley Lee (23:21.4).

Rams Emma Brown (110th, 23:58.9) and Liz Plymale (150th, 24:57.1) also competed.

Taylor Sours paced H-L by taking 23rd (21:34.2), Alivia Roerdink came in 38th, (22:18.1), Hazel Stone finished 71st (23:06.5), Ashley Brickner ended 76th (23:10.2) and Macy Breidenbach took 78th (23:14).

Taylor Joseph (113th, 24:04.7) and Corrin Hoover (138th, 24:45.5) completed H-L’s team.

Amelia Boes backed Beard by capturing 12th (21:09.7) for Seneca East.

Jamie Guhn took 155th (25:08.5), Kiersten Cook ended 159th (21:12.8) and Delainey Drown wound up 176th (25:55.9). Aubrey Beard (179th, 26:03.6) and Alexis Margraf (185th, 26:22.3) also ran for the Tigers.

Clyde finished 18th out of 25 teams in the Division II-A race, scoring 478 points.

Jessica Middleton led the way by taking 48th (20:48.3) for the Fliers, Marissa Stockmaster ran 82nd (22:05.2), Daniella Ruiz finished 103rd (23:01.5) Makayla Warner came in 124th (24:03.4) and Grace Murphy ended 130th (24:19.4).

Emma Waugh (140th, 24:58.3) and Lauren Richter (152nd, 25:43.3) also ran for Clyde.

Cozette captures 5th in Div. III

Reilly Cozette of Lakota led area individual efforts in the Division III race and Hopewell-Loudon took fifth in the Division II/III open Saturday to top local team results at the Tiffin Carnival at Hedges-Boyer Park.

Cozette clocked in seventh in 19:04.06 to lead the Raiders to 32nd out of 49 teams in the Division III race. Lakota earned 32nd on a tiebreaker over Ottawa Hills after both scored 829 points.

Old Fort took 34th (877), Calvert came in 40th (962), Buckeye Central ended 43rd (1,034), Mohawk wound up 46th (1,266) and New Riegel finished 47th (1,268).

Julia Baker added a 160th (22:56.3) for Lakota, Kiersten Linkey ran 219th (24:15.5), Lindsey Sievers took 231st (24:25.1) and Alysha Enright finished 248th (24:55.1). Kaitlyn Sayre (317th, 28:15.3) also ran for the Raiders.

Cameran Cleveland’s 101st (22:11.5) paced Old Fort, Kristen Baker ran 128th (22:33.2), Allison Fortney finished 191st (23:37.8), Alyson Pence ended 221st (24:18.1) and Emerald Melton took 275th (25:46.3).

Maya Englehart (308th, 27:12.9) and Morgan Heilman (332nd, 30:17.3) also competed for the Stockaders.

Calvert’s Erika Gonzales claimed 127th (22:32.5), Leah Smith ran 149th (22:47.8), Megan McClellan came in 224th (24:20.4), Kassidy Reynolds ran 233rd (24:28.1) and Ashley Felter finished 272nd (25:39).

Buckeye Central got a 114th from Katy Hagerty (22:23.3), 143rd from Taylor Ratliff (22:44.7), 204th from Kyleigh Brown (23:57.5), 311th from Shanti Hunter (27:29.2) and 319th from Isis Wagner (28:24.3).

Bucks Courtney Stahl (326th, 29:35.6) and Stella Betts (333rd, 30:29.5) also ran.

Mohawk’s Kayla Risner ran 222nd (24:19.1), Julia Amlin claimed 254th (25:06.7), Brooke Hannam ended 273rd (25:44.1), Emrys Botton finished 292nd (26:30) and Carly Balliet took 293rd (26:30).

Elena Zamora (294th, 26:30.7) and Hayley Luhring (321st, 28:34.2) completed Mohawk’s team.

Brooklyn Williams ended 252nd (24:59.1) for New Riegel, Grace Clouse claimed 267th (25:25.5), Isabelle Wood came in 268th (25:29.4), Gabrielle Nye took 271st (25:36.1) and Kayleigh Lininger wound up 278th (25:51.2). Jenna Gabel (307th, 27:10.2) also ran for the Blue Jackets.

Hopewell-Loudon, meanwhile, scored 195 points to end fifth in the Division II/III open race.

Izabella Frankart paced H-L by running 49th (24:36.5), Abby Oswalt took 53rd (24:43.1), Hanna Wyman claimed 66th (24:55.6), Kari Flechtner captured 72nd (25:01.6) and Emma Shellhammer finished 83rd (25:21.6).

Chieftains Riley Suter (102nd, 25:45.1), Brook Breidenbach (117th, 26:05.8), Emily Foster (145th, 26:34.4), Zoe Kent (181st, 27:46.5), Trinity Reinhard (191st, 28:00.5), Kenzie Coleman (216th, 28:34.2), Lilianna Ortiz (252nd, 29:59.4) and Lennah Fox (255th, 30:14) also ran.

Beaumont beat Lexington 26-37 for the team title. Bellevue ended 14th (368), Old Fort took 21st (586) and Lakota finished 22nd (656).

Bellevue got a 78th from Kearston Lunsford (25:15.1), 85th from Grace Booze (25:27.8), 143rd from Cassie Gibbs (26:30.9), 165th from Brooke Whaley (27:05.9) and 184th from Maddie Biedrzycki (27:52.8).

Liz Brugnone (203rd, 28:20.9) and Chloe Branum (291st, 33:53.9) also competed for Bellevue.

Cynder Jameson’s 128th (26:15.1) led Old Fort, Kylie Heckathorn ran 224th (28:51.3), Jenna Quinter claimed 230th (28:57.6), Emily Kupka came in 261st (30:48.9) and Rachel Anstead ended 272nd (31:38.7). Adeline Quinter (302nd, 39:12.5) rounded out Old Fort’s team.

Lakota’s Ella Kurpenski ran 226th (28:52.7), Emma Riffe came in 245th (29:27.5), Taylan Cozette claimed 260th (30:46.8), Grace Saunders wound up 266th (31:10.8) and Patience Little finished 268th, 31:18.7). Jenna Juarez (269th, 31:21.5) also ran for the Raiders.

Several other area schools did not field full teams.

Fostoria’s Hailie O’Neal led all area runners in the open race by capturing 21st (23:03.9). Macey Sheets added a 178th (27:35) and Dezerea Miranda took 221st (28:41.2).

Mohawk got a 232nd from Taylor Lawhorn (29:03.7) and a 298th from Lydia Zamora (36:31.6).

Clyde’s Madelyn Profitt claimed 92nd (25:34.2) and Alexia Young wound up 97th (25:38.4).

Jessica Nye came in 147th (26:36.8) for New Riegel and Genna Elchert finished 195th (28:07.5).

Elli Niederkohr ran 82nd (25:18.3) for Upper Sandusky, and Seneca East got a 225th from Brianna Yakoubian (28:52.2).