A quick word on this year’s fall sports section

Today is a big day for all of us in The Advertiser-Tribune sports department.

It’s the release of what we consider to be our crown jewel, the project we work the hardest on each year.

The special fall sports section.

In the 14 years I have worked here, this special section has been the most comprehensive, the most detailed and the most expansive we put out.

That hasn’t changed, and it won’t change.

I would put our football preview portion up there with any other in the region. Not only do we have comprehensive outlooks for all 12 area football teams, but we include rosters and schedules.

Also, Matt Nye has a good look at Mohawk’s football squad under new coach Eric Daniel.

For nine of our 14 area schools and their sports, we also have pictures and previews, with a few exceptions (we were unable to reach some coaches).

But there will be some changes you may notice.

For the last few years, we have started running the golf previews in the daily section instead of the fall section. This year, we started running tennis previews in the daily section as well. The main reason for this is the early start to the golf and tennis seasons. In years past, by the time our golf and tennis previews would run in the special section, those seasons would be nearly a month old.

The team pictures from those sports will run in today’s special edition.

There’s also one more change.

Due to changes in our staff, we decided to include football previews-only for five schools: Bellevue, Buckeye Central, Clyde, Lakota and Upper Sandusky.

Photos for the non-football sports will still be included, but there won’t be outlooks for them.

The reason we did this was just the realities of time and personnel. When I started here in 2005, The A-T sports section consisted of three full-time writers and three part-time writers.

Now, we have two full-time writers and one part timer.

The strain of putting all of the same information together in a short amount of time was becoming a problem. While we still intend to cover all these sports and schools during the season, the hope was to lessen the strain of putting together such a project.

The five schools were chosen due to amount of readership and circulation we get from those communities. Again, during the season, there will be no change in how we cover those schools or their sports. We included the football previews because of the intensity of interest in high school football in this area.

While we understand some will not be happy this, it was something we felt we needed to do to maximize the quality of our work and our special section.

We are all confident that this year’s fall season will be an exciting one, and our coverage will reflect that. We are looking forward to Friday night football, as well as bringing you more local photos and coverage than ever before.

Some things change, but some things don’t.

We believe our fall sports coverage will be as strong as ever, and we believe our special fall sports section remains a must-have for area sports fans.

We hope you enjoy the section, and continue to enjoy our coverage.

And as always, thank you for reading.

Zach Baker is the sports editor for The Advertiser-Tribune.

Contact him at: