What’s Up With ‘Nawlins?

I’ve been to New Orleans on a couple of occasions and I can tell you this much, it is a beautiful city. The French Quarter has a few shaky places, but also some outstanding restaurants. The people are warm and friendly. All in all, the Big Easy is a place I would recommend that one should visit if given the chance.

As far as professional sports in New Orleans goes… well, let’s just say they have had some tough times lately! Everyone is aware of the non-call in the NFC championship game some ten days ago. You can’t blame Saints fans if they feel robbed of the opportunity to watch their team compete for a Super Bowl title this Sunday.

While smarting from that injustice, New Orleans sports fans found out that the star of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans wants out. Anthony Davis, better known as “The Brow” had his agent publicly announce that he would not sign an extension to his current contract that runs through 2020. In addition Davis is requesting a trade.

So no Super Bowl for the Saints and the Pelicans best player wants to leave. It can’t get much worse, can it?

Many could argue that at least there is no baseball problem as New Orleans does not have a major league franchise. Well, they do have a AAA minor league team – the New Orleans Baby Cakes – but not for long. At the end of the 2018 season the Baby Cakes (seriously, you should check out their website) announced that they wanted to relocate to Wichita, Kansas! They will be in New Orleans for at least one more season and possibly as many as three if they honor their lease with the city, but they will be gone eventually.

When it rains, it pours!

The view from my seat suggests that I can sympathize with New Orleans fans. For proof, I cite a TV commentator who was apologetic towards Saints fans as he pointed out that things could be worse. “You could live in Cleveland” the man said. Ouch!