Much ado has been made of two sisters who play basketball in Bellevue. Casey and Cory Santoro have already made a lot of headlines despite being very young. So when Bellevue High School came to Tiffin on the day after Christmas to play the Columbian Tornadoes, I made my way to the school. Would the Santoro girls live up to the hype?

In a word – yes.

The two guards play for their dad Kory. The coach was not happy early as he called two timeouts before the first quarter was half over. On the second one he slammed his fist on the scorer’s table breaking a clipboard in the process. He was unhappy with the Lady Red defensive effort and let his kids know about it.

He settled down after that and I know he couldn’t have been unhappy with his team’s offensive efforts as Bellevue handled T.C. 87-55. In particular his daughters filled up the hoop. Sophomore Cory (wouldn’t that be confusing at home if someone calls on the phone and asks for Cory?) made several off balance jumpers after driving into the lane and totaled 25 points. Junior sister Casey drilled 10 three pointers on her way to a game high 40 points.

It was fun to sit and watch the two. They weren’t the only good players on the floor though, as Bellevue had two other girls hit double digits. Tiffin had a player that also caught my attention and she too is an underclassman. Kaia Woods is listed as 5′ tall and that may be giving her the benefit of the doubt. The sophomore made up for her diminutive size with her quickness.

Seriously, I don’t know if I have ever seen a quicker basketball player. Her ball handling is amazing and she had the crowd buzzing several times during the evening with some pinpoint passes after dribbling into the lane. At times I thought she was out of control, but she finished nearly every time.

The view from my seat suggests that if you have a chance to see the Santoro sisters play – by all means do so. You might want to catch a Columbian game too, as you will likely see Woods put on a show.