Most Ohio State fans were hopeful the Buckeyes had a chance to beat rival Michigan. Most Michigan fans were hopeful that it was finally time for the Wolverines to end their losing streak against Ohio State. After all in this game anything can happen. Yesterday “anything” did.

Nobody saw it coming. The Buckeyes dominated the game, though they let Michigan think they had a chance late in the first half. With Ohio State leading 21-6 with less than a minute remaining until halftime, who among us predicted the halftime score to be 24-19? Talk about ANYTHING!

Ohio State fans are giddy today and Michigan fans are wondering where THAT Ohio State team came from. Well, so are we. It was nice to see and it propels the Buckeyes to the Big Ten championship game next Saturday in Indianapolis.

I overheard a gentleman talking in a restaurant last evening about Ohio State’s chances to make the playoffs. A nice sentiment – of course. A likely possibility – not really.

You never know what the committee is going to come up with, but here’s my take. Alabama is in whether it beats Georgia in the SEC title game or not. Clemson is in if it beats Pittsburgh in the ACC championship game. Notre Dame is in as it’s undefeated season is finished after struggling last night with USC. That leaves one spot.

Write in Georgia if it upsets Alabama. Barring that event write in Oklahoma if it avenges its only loss to Texas. Write off UCF. They may go undefeated (or not – Memphis will be a challenge), but without their starting quarterback, the committee will likely skip over them. That leaves the Buckeyes.

Ohio State has to win convincingly against Northwestern in the Big Ten title matchup. A lackluster win will not suffice. Then a lot of dominoes have to fall the right way. Oklahoma has to lose. Georgia has to be beaten badly. A close loss to the Crimson Tide will likely boost the Bulldogs to the final four if Oklahoma does lose. Ohio State is likely on the outside looking in no matter what transpires next weekend.

The view from my seat suggests that an 8-team playoff would be better (though not perfect) as it would give all of the above teams and one more (LSU maybe) a chance at a national title. Since that cannot happen I would suggest that Buckeye fans savor the Michigan win and just enjoy the moment. It’s not always going to be like that.