I spent a couple of weeks visiting my daughter in Port Charlotte, Florida returning home some six days ago. I was taken with the fact that some things in life are givens. Here are three examples: the weather in south Florida will be hot, the Cleveland Browns will NOT win, and Tiger Woods will never win a golf tournament again.

It was interesting to watch the weather forecasts in Florida. The first day: hot and muggy, a high of 92, which will feel like 102, and a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. The forecast for the rest of my stay: ditto! Seriously, they could have just said “the same as yesterday” every broadcast and they would have been correct. Some things are givens.

The Cleveland Browns ended up in a tie with the hated Pittsburgh Steelers in the opener, which was better than losing I guess. Too bad E. Gordon Gee is not still around. Yes, he did suggest that an OSU tie was one of the biggest victories in school history, remember? So “close but no cigar” for the Brownies. Some things are givens.

Tiger Woods had the galleries cheering in St. Louis where he held the lead before being overtaken. A good showing, but still no win. Some things are givens.

Then I got home and “some” things changed. First the Browns won – yes, you read that correctly. The Browns beat the Jets on Thursday night. First win since Christmastime in 2016. Luck? Maybe, but I don’t think this will be the last time Cleveland wins this season. It’s a given, right?

Yesterday Tiger Woods went to victory lane. He won the season ending Tour Championship, setting off a celebration that hasn’t been seen on a golf course for a long time. The gallery wanted to show its support for Tiger’s first win in five years. Win #80 for Tiger was a long time in coming and these folks wanted to be part of this remarkable comeback. I don’t think it will be Tiger’s last win on tour. It’s a given, right?

The view from my seat suggests that though the Browns cannot be considered Super Bowl contenders, the win broke the “given” concept. Though Tiger’s win was against a small field, it too broke the “given” concept. Now if something could be done to break the given concept for Florida’s weather…