Four years ago LeBron James returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many fans, including me, were not happy with his leaving in the first place. Not so much that he left mind you, but more in the way he did so. You do recall the prime time TV show, do you not?

Well, when he returned I welcomed him back, suggesting that everyone can come back home. But only once. I also said that if he left a second time I would have no use for him. That second leaving has now taken place. I have however, reconsidered. I wish him well as I will continue to support the Cavs as Cleveland is my city.

Thus my choice for a title to this blog. Gone has replaced dead!

When the King left the first time it was to pursue a championship ring. He got two in Miami and then came home vowing to win one for his hometown area. He did that and sent the Cavs to four straight NBA finals. He did his thing.

Now it’s time for him to look at the end of his career. It may last a few more years, but L.A. is where he wants to retire with all his entertainment interests.

My feelings four years ago involved wanting MY players to be loyal to MY team. I forget that the team, as well as many fans, will quickly turn on players if they don’t perform. Sports are a business and why shouldn’t the players get to exercise more leverage in where they want to play. Whether you like the way NBA teams are signing up three or more superstars for a championship run or not, it is the way of the NBA these days.

LeBron brought Cleveland a badly wanted championship and most Cleveland fans will always be grateful. There will be few jersey burnings this time around.

The view from my seat suggests that the Cavs will not be very competitive in the near future. If there is good news, it is that I will spend virtually no time watching the NBA. I watched very little before as I don’t care for the way the game is played at the professional level, but kept my eye on things as Cleveland sought that coveted title. Now I don’t have to watch at all.