T.O. Says N.O.

The NFL has made a lot of off-season news lately. The change to the National Anthem policy and the cancellation of the White House visit by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are topics that I will weigh in on soon. The latest ripple was caused by Terrell Owens who has declined the opportunity to attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony coming up soon.

Now for those of you who are not aware, T.O. is one of the players being inducted into the shrine that is the Hall of Fame. Apparently he is miffed over having to wait longer than expected to be voted in. He has announced that though he is greatly honored by his selection, he will inform everyone at a later date as to where he will be to celebrate his honor.

Now Owens has always been a little different than your typical player. His talent is abundant, his desire to let you know just how talented is also enormous. Right or wrong, that likely had something to do with his “wait” for the call.

As for the affect this will have on the Hall of Fame ceremony, my guess is there won’t be anybody shedding a tear. Owens can be a no show if he wants. So what. There are others going in and the day will be special for all of them.

The view from my seat suggests that the term prima donna, used on Owens during his playing career, will be revived for this stunt. As for the announcement as to where T.O. will be on induction day – he can save it, because people really won’t care.