BOWLING: Robin Brownell had the high game (181) and high series (300) in the Allen Eiry League at the K of C. Jim Donaldson had the high game (154) and high series (302) for the men.

* High scores for the week in the 55 Plus League went to Paul Gosche (542), Greg Elchert (523), Paul Landers (508), Bob Reinhart (498), Jerry Gillig (458) and Jim Donaldson (457).

ESPORTS: Ashland played Calvert in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and won the match 5-0 (2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0) Wednesday.

DARTBALL: The Tiffin City League finished its season with a Banquet Family Fun night. The banquet was enjoyed by 72 people. After a brief meeting some trophies were handed out: league winners were 2nd UCC, runner-ups were EUM and third place was Faith. High average was a tie at .497 between Matt johnson and Dan Sherman, most RBIs was Tom Waugaman (66) and most home runs went to Carl Overmier (33). Four Boardgame winners were: Dwight Walton (home runs); Ashlee Phillips (RBIs); DJ Johnson (9-square) and Joel Gernat (most bases).


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