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Avoid costly bridge projects

March 13, 2016 Sometime within the next five years, taxpayers probably will have to find $250 million to replace a key bridge at Washington, D.C. more »»

Ike was correct to worry

March 11, 2016 Were he alive today, former President Dwight Eisenhower would be angry about a report this week that some Navy SEALs have to share rifles. more »»

Decorum is possible

March 8, 2016 It was easy to discern the winners of the question-and-answer forum for Seneca County commissioner candidates Tuesday morning at Camden Falls: the audience. more »»

She was a crucial part of Reagan’s presidency

March 8, 2016 During the first half of the nation’s history, wives of our presidents received little public credit or even notice for their behind-the-scenes involvement in public affairs. more »»

Medical marijuana proposal’s wording is crucial

March 6, 2016 Allowing sale and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes remains a novel idea, and for good reason. more »»

Keeping schools safe from violence

March 3, 2016 Children should not be afraid to go to school, for fear someone will appear with a gun, knife or bomb and begin shedding blood. For the vast majority of students, there is no need for such fear. more »»

Serving justice

March 2, 2016 Making punishment fit a crime is complicated. Even the nearly 4,000-year-old Code of Hammurabi, in outlining the eye-for-an-eye retributive justice, had a sliding scale. more »»

Leftover Ebola funds can fight Zika

February 26, 2016 How worried are you about the Ebola virus? You remember, Ebola — the disease that was in the headlines in 2014. How about the Zika virus? Yes, the one making news no. more »»

Technology governing important decisions

February 23, 2016 Justice Department lawyers insist gaining access to information on a cellphone used by a dead terrorist is a critical matter of national security. But Apple Inc. more »»

Mandates would reduce choices

February 22, 2016 The federal government’s social engineers never seem to learn. Time and time again their mandates issued in the name of consumerism make life tougher, not better. They’re back. more »»

Digital security is a two-edged sword

February 19, 2016 Digital security and crime made headlines this week, but a high-profile case is distracting attention from a more likely proble. more »»

Shipped, sure; by accident? Doubtful

February 17, 2016 U.S. officials reported this week that Cuba has returned a dummy Hellfire missile accidentally shipped there in 2014. more »»

Not the time for severance tax hike

February 16, 2016 Gov. John Kasich’s old proposal to increase severance taxes on natural gas and oil has come up again. It would be difficult to pick a worse time to try again on it. more »»

Address National Parks’ upkeep

February 15, 2016 New is good if you are a politician. You like to be able to announce new programs and new facilities such as recreational areas. more »»

Let’s put people first, not politics, in Africa

February 14, 2016 A humanitarian campaign launched in Congress could help hundreds of millions of people — saving countless lives — if President Barack Obama will put politics aside. more »»

Comrades against cancer

February 13, 2016 The awareness efforts, advocacy programs, and fundraising activities of the Coaches vs. Cancer program is laudable itself. more »»

Rewrite law so pushers can be punished

February 12, 2016 Appeals court justices are supposed to interpret laws as they are written, not as someone claims legislators meant the statutes to be read. more »»

Forum to offer food for thought

February 10, 2016 The Democratic and Republican presidential debates so far during this campaign cycle have had something in common: All have been conducted in the evening. more »»

Elemental economics key issue in contest

February 9, 2016 With the nation’s first primary election of the 2016 presidential campaign coming up in New Hampshire today, it is safe to say the college-student vote will go primarily to Democrat candidate Sen. more »»

Entities failed at all levels

February 8, 2016 The blame game was in full swing last week as Congress conducted hearings on the Flint, Mich., water fiasco. more »»



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