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Find ways to avoid corrupt usage of foreign aid

June 24, 2013 Americans poured billions of dollars into rebuilding Iraq’s economy and infrastructure after our military toppled Saddam Hussein from power. The result has not been satisfactor. more »»

It’s time for Ohio to halt its gambling monopoly

June 21, 2013 Though government too often competes with private-sector businesses, it should not do so. And government certainly should not set itself up as a monopoly. more »»

Common sense elevates decision

June 20, 2013 In terms of editorial fodder, this topic came wrapped in cellophane. To use a sports metaphor, it was a softball placed on a batting tee, waiting to be hit with a tennis racket. more »»

Buildings hinder goal to combine districts

June 19, 2013 Fans of more cost-effective government likely were heartened by the news Old Fort and Bettsville local school districts again are working to share services and employees in order to save money and... more »»

Security, privacy cannot be assured

June 18, 2013 Government officials’ reactions to revelations the privacy of millions of Americans has been invaded would be laughable were the situation not so serious. more »»

Security/privacy debate hinges on trust

June 17, 2013 Last week’s online poll question — Which is more important to you, security or privacy? — found views rather evenly divided. That’s not surprising. more »»

Broader tax might not get broader support

June 14, 2013 Seneca County Commissioner Fred Zoeller said after he realized the $5 tax he sought for vehicle registrations wouldn’t be paid by everyone in the county, he dropped the proposal. more »»

Summer vacation is here; keep an eye on children

June 13, 2013 The sound of children yelling and playing is filling the air as the school year has ended and swimming pools reopen. more »»

Change to keep up with drug dealers

June 11, 2013 When it comes to innovation and responsiveness to consumers, the private sector almost always does a better job than government. Normally, that’s fine. more »»

Secret email addresses threaten FOI Act

June 10, 2013 Lots of people use more than one email address, for very good reasons. People who use email at work usually maintain separate personal accounts, for example. more »»

Hats pff

June 8, 2013 Congrats, athletes We tip a hat to the 20 area high school students competing this weekend in the state track mee. more »»

Wasteful spending isn’t over till it ends

June 5, 2013 “Taxpayers should take comfort that a conference like this would not take place today,” assured acting Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Danny Werfel last week. more »»

Fourth strike should mean Gee’s out

June 4, 2013 Ohio State University is the state’s flagship institution of higher learning and research, respected throughout the nation. Its president, E. Gordon Gee, seems to be well-regarded among his peers. more »»

Approach to sexual assaults should change

June 3, 2013 Clearly, the U.S. armed forces approach to preventing sexual assaults is not working. A year ago, the Pentagon estimated about 19,000 members of the military had been sexually assaulted in 2011. more »»

Benghazi response is galling

May 31, 2013 President Barack Obama’s position on the terrorist attack last fall at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is puzzling in the extreme. U.S. more »»

Aloha, plush trip

May 30, 2013 After a public outcry when the media reported some members of the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio were planning to attend a conference in Hawaii — on the public’s dime — those officials... more »»

Prosecute those who went too far at IRS

May 29, 2013 Whether the Internal Revenue Service broke the law in harassing conservative political groups “is irrelevant,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told a reporter. more »»

Scandals edging closer to Obama

May 28, 2013 Among troubling aspects of the Internal Revenue Service scandal is that since it began making headlines, they have moved closer and closer to President Barack Obama. more »»

Do not allow IRS scandal to be swept under rug

May 24, 2013 Rest assured that if liberal political organizations had been harassed last year by the Internal Revenue Service, heads would have rolled on President Barack Obama’s orders. more »»

BWC should stick with plan on rebates

May 23, 2013 Tens of thousands of employers in Ohio may be sharing in a windfall of nearly $1.9 billion from state government. While about half of that is an initiative by Gov. more »»



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