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Obama’s strange concept of success

August 12, 2016 President Barack Obama brags his stewardship over the federal budget has been praiseworthy. Why, spending deficits are going down, he proclaims. Wrong. more »»

Delta glitch security reminder

August 11, 2016 Computer equipment went on the fritz at Delta Airlines this week. Tens of thousands of passengers and employees were affected by more than 1,000 canceled flights and 2,800 delayed takeoffs. more »»

Jumping through hoops no help to schools

August 9, 2016 Private charter schools in Ohio ought to have to comply with the same accountability standards applied to public schools. more »»

Prevent, punish abuses of trust

August 7, 2016 Ohioans justifiably are outraged when they learn someone in a position of trust has violated it by victimizing others, often children. more »»

Consider the lives saved by police

August 5, 2016 Only William Gossett knows with certainty what he would have done had police in Monaca, Pennsylvania, not arrested him outside a movie theater. more »»

Zika cure, vaccine must be priority

August 4, 2016 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory that pregnant women should stay out of a section of Miami is not the most disturbing news about the Zika virus this week. more »»

Portman receives 2 unions’ support

August 1, 2016 For many years, labor unions almost reflexively supported Democrat candidates for office. Republicans need not apply, even if it was clear their policies were better for unions’ members. more »»

Who will pay for Clinton’s promises?

July 28, 2016 Democrats gathered in Philadelphia for their party’s presidential nominating convention have heard tons of promises and will hear more from their candidate, Hillary Clinton, when she takes the stage... more »»

Sanders’ backers still burn with rage

July 27, 2016 As the Democratic National Convention began Monday night, jeers mixed with cheers. more »»

A vast plot truly may exist

July 26, 2016 It turns out there may be something to that vast conspiracy then-first lady Hillary Clinton condemned in 1998. She got one thing wrong, however. more »»

Targeting police still heinous act

July 22, 2016 Another cop was murdered Tuesday. He was Capt. Robert Melton of Kansas City, Kansas, gunned down as he was approaching suspects in a drive-by shooting. more »»

Kasich right to refuse

July 21, 2016 Ohio Gov. John Kasich was absolutely correct in his reaction to calls, some from law enforcement, that he suspend a state law on firearms during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. more »»

Police just try to keep hooligans safe, too

July 20, 2016 For many years, those in charge of security at the Democrat and Republican national conventions have had to worry about unruly crowds “demonstrating” for or against various cause. more »»

Insanity to back violence against police

July 19, 2016 Adopting the Old Testament eye-for-an-eye reaction to violence accomplishes nothing except, perhaps, to leave everyone involved blind. more »»

Following the herd no excuse

July 18, 2016 It turns out Hillary Clinton had an option she did not use, probably wisely, in defending her use of personal email servers for official business while she was secretary of state: Everyone else is... more »»

Helping dropouts crucial to economy

July 15, 2016 Education officials in Ohio and West Virginia have received a blunt reminder of the importance of finding high school dropouts and helping them. more »»

We all must do more to prevent violence

July 13, 2016 “We’re asking cops to do too much in this country,” Dallas, Texas, Police Chief David Brown worried aloud Monday. “Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solv. more »»

Restore system’s checks, balances

July 12, 2016 In less than seven months, Americans will have a new president. Perhaps then, we can try again on separation of powers. more »»

Notice the signs of lottery scammer

July 8, 2016 The jackpot for the Mega Millions drawing tonight is more than $540 million. more »»

What’s his goal: helping or getting his way?

July 7, 2016 A bill to help battle the Zika virus and some of its victims has been passed by the House of Representatives. President Barack Obama says he will veto it if it reaches his des. more »»



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