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Z- Formation, Vol. II

December 2, 2012 - Zach Baker
I think from now on I'll go with 11 things.

1. The Javon Belcher ordeal is one of those stories that needs to be separated from sports. The murder-suicide, which the Chiefs linebacker is believed to have committed, is one of those things that likely will never have complete answers. It astounds me that a game is going to be played in Kansas City today. But that's what's happening.

2. Mike Boan is a transfer from Wright State who has the ability to be a very important factor with the Dragons over the next two seasons. The 6-3 guard played very well in Tiffin's win Saturday over Saginaw Valley State. Boan actually seems to do most of his scoring inside, making me think at first glance he was a forward. The way he plays, he seems bigger than 6-3.

3. Nate Davis had 18 points and 10 rebounds for Heidelberg today in the loss to John Carroll. If the senior improves his free throw shooting, there will be no stopping him, and it will be tough to stop HU.

4. Jessica Harris' three point play against SVSU Saturday is one of those I wish was caught by HD cameras with multiple angles. It was that good. When Harris gets into a groove, she is one of the best posts around. She was in a groove for Tiffin in the win Saturday.

5. Bill Beaston has former Heidelberg player Zach Golec on his TC boys basketball staff. In the past, Bill has had HU alums Shawn Shriver and Jim Smalley coaching with him. Always nice to see.

6. I want to pass along condolences to the family of Dale Hey, known professionally as Buddy Roberts, a member of pro wrestling's Fabulous Freebirds. Hey died this week. I still can't get over watching footage of the early 80s in Texas, when the Freebirds and Von Erichs were feuding. If the fans thought that was fake, they did a good job of suspending disbelief.

7. If the Browns can beat the Raiders today, maybe, MAYBE I can see an argument that they're improving enough to consider sticking with the coaching staff (save defensive coordinator Dick Jauron, who should be given a 10-year deal).

8. Marvin Miller died earlier this week at 95. There's a part of me that believes that free agency and huge player contracts were inevitable. And I think Miller was very slow on taking action against drug use among players, something that continued into this era. I also disagreed with his take on collusion. My take was that while it was wrong and not to be condoned, its net effect was good on the game, as the parity in the 1980s was remarkable.

But the reality is that Miller pushed baseball's change, freed the players from the Reserve Clause, and ushered in a new era. Few men in history have that impact. Miller should be in the Hall of Fame.

9. Did you hear about the big move the Indians made? Yeah, me either.

10. The Cavaliers aren't winning much, but Anderson Varejao is playing out of his mind. I will understand if and when my team deals him, since he could get them some valuable pieces to build with. But it will be hard to see him in another uniform.

11. I really try to avoid statistics when writing this. I generally find stats boring and occasionally pointless. Example: Tackles in football. I don't know if it's good or bad. Good that you stopped the guy or bad that it took you 20 yards to do so. The stat alone doesn't tell us. So is a tackle good or bad? I need to ask Mike Hallett and Gary Goff for their thoughts.



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