Thank you to all from Commissioner Kerschner

Last November, I penned a column to applaud and thank those who were involved in the planning and implementation of the holiday decorations on the Seneca County Justice Center lawn.

In that piece, I talked about how we often use words like collaboration and cooperation when working on projects for the city or the county. We strive to get as many people as possible involved in projects and we try to do what’s in the best interest of those we represent. The holiday decorations were just one example of this.

The display would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of a number of folks. To be able to do a nice job with the lights, we got a cost estimate that came in around $20,000. Neither the county nor the city had money budgeted for such a project, but with help from Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership, word spread quickly, and several people stepped up to make it happen.

Those who made contributions include the Gillmor Foundation, Old Fort Banking Company, Bill Frankart, First Insurance Group, First National Bank of Sycamore, Tiffin Kiwanis Club, Clouse Construction Corp., National Machinery LLC Foundation, PT Services Rehabilitation, Inc., Tiffin Ford Lincoln/Reineke Family Dealerships, Ron Burns and Sutton Bank. Myself and my fellow commissioners, Shayne Thomas and Anthony Paradiso also made private contributions to ensure the display moved forward.

Special mention needs to be made of Amy Reinhart and Audrey Flood from TSEP. These two put together a PowerPoint presentation and got estimates for the project. They also made follow-up calls to donors and organized meetings to keep the project on track.

I also want to thank Tiffin City Schools, for allowing a group of students to volunteer to help decorate, and Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz for working with us on the project. Thanks also needs to be given to Seneca County Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Maintenance John Logsdon for his involvement on the planning committee and for the work done by him and his staff to install the display in a quick and efficient manner.

The decorations this year included garland, lighting and a tree-topper on an existing tree on the property. We also purchased a large, walk-through ornament that we think will be popular during next year’s holiday season.

On Dec. 6, we were joined by many members of the community to officially light the Christmas tree. It was heart-warming to see the large turnout. We feel that 2019 was a resounding success for this project, but we also recognize that we had to start somewhere and that there is always room for improvement!

We’ve heard feedback from the community and our goal is to continue to improve our display each year. In fact, earlier this month, we already held our first committee meeting to plan for the decorations for 2020. If you would like to give feedback, make suggestions or contribute to next year’s project, please contact Amy Reinhart, the Downtown Main Street Manager with Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership, reinhart@tiffinseneca.org.