Christmas is alive and well in the county

We often use words like collaboration and cooperation when working on projects for the city or the county. We strive to get as many people as possible involved in projects and we try to do what’s in the best interest of those we represent.

The idea that we needed to have a Christmas light display was discussed, but there was not much movement toward a solution. The kindness and generosity of a number of folks helped to make the project a reality. To be able to do a nice job with the lights, we got a cost estimate that came in around $20,000. Neither the county nor the city had money budgeted for such a project, but with help from Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership, word spread quickly, and several people stepped up to make it happen.

The project includes garland, lighting and a tree-topper on an existing tree on the property, a walk-through ornament and three garlands that will be displayed across the justice center building.

Those who made contributions include Bill Frankart, First Insurance Group, First National Bank of Sycamore, Kiwanis, Lenny Clouse Construction, National Machinery Foundation, PT Services, Reineke Family Dealerships, Ron Burns and Sutton Bank. All three commissioners also pitched in with private donations.

Special mention needs to be made of Amy Reinhart and Audrey Flood from T-SEP. These two put together a PowerPoint presentation and got estimates for the project. They also made follow-up calls to donors and organized meetings to keep the project on track.

I also want to thank Gary Barber, superintendent of Tiffin City Schools, for allowing a group of students to volunteer to help decorate, and Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz for working with us to use the city’s new lift truck to install lights on the highest points of the tree. The county’s building and grounds maintenance director John Logsdon and his staff also are working hard to get power to the lights and to make sure everything goes smoothly with the installation of the project.

There is a tree-lighting ceremony scheduled for 5:15 p.m. on Dec. 6 and I would like to invite as many folks as possible to be there to celebrate, not only the spirit of Christmas, but also the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that does indeed exist in Tiffin and Seneca County.


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