Letters to the Editor

My Old Ugly

I want to congratulate Amy Reinhart for the Awards she so rightly deserves. Tiffin is now starting to appear as the city of my youth — Except for my Old Ugly.

Several years ago, a Mr. Pat Rose kept referring to our old and beautiful courthouse as Old Ugly, well that beautiful old building is gone and we now have another beautiful courthouse. I just hope it lasts as long.

Now for my old ugly — This building sits on the southeast corner of S. Washington and E. Market — The RTA Building. This building should either be torn down or given a facelift. This building is not the architecture of Tiffin. I’m sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.

So, please Amy, do what you can. Carry on.

Linda Keckler


Congratulations Nancy

Congratulations to Nancy Grandillo on her neighbor-focused and energetic campaign for Fourth Ward City Council Member! Her courtesy and integrity make her a model for us all. Kudos to the residents of the Fourth Ward for their laudable voter turn-out! Finally, best wishes to our fine City Council as its members deliberate on matters that influence the lives of our diverse Tiffin citizenry.


Bill Reyer


Two Dogs Talk

Hi! I am one of the dogs taken from the puppy mill in Wyandot County. I am at Wyandot County Humane Society now. It’s a much nicer place. At least I am clean and well fed. I don’t have to stand in a wire cage. That made my paws hurt! Yes, there are barking dogs and it’s noisy but much better. I am waiting for some nice people to adopt me. I just want to be in a home where I can lie on the couch and be a dog.

Hi! I am a puppy taken from a home in Seneca County. I am at Seneca County Humane Society. It is nice here! I am clean and well fed. I do need to do puppy things like play outside in the grass and learn my puppy manners. I wish the decision for me to be adopted will come soon. I want to be in a home where people will really care for me. I know there are nice people out there who would care for me. Just hurry up!!!!!!

Marlene Turner