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Vote Baugher for Clinton Township Trustee

I would like to take a moment to tell everyone about my father, Dennis Baugher, who is running for re-election of Clinton Township Trustee Tuesday. As my father is finishing up his 24th consecutive year as township trustee I came across a recent Ohio Township Trustee magazine at my parents house. I was looking through the magazine and read an article about the upcoming election season for trustee’s throughout Ohio. It was this article that made me realize the reasons behind my dad’s success while being trustee for 24 years. The article mentioned how successful trustees are experienced and passionate. If anyone knows my father those words describe him. His experience includes: Trustee — 24 years, Clinton Township Volunteer Fireman — 38 years, township road crew — 35+ years, Regional Planning Committee, and Tiffin Farmers Co-op Board of Director — 20+ years. Along with operating the family grain and livestock farm his entire career. These experiences cannot be replaced and this experience has been a constant for 24 years. Along with the experience comes passion. When the tornado hit the township in November of 2002 I watched my dad drive off while the tornado was just passing by, prior to his fire scanner alarm activating, because he knew people would be in need. I’ve watched him leave countless times through rain and snow storms to go clear roads for the township. My father is the only candidate and current trustee with a CDL to allow him to drive dump trucks and with the ability to operate heavy road equipment. All of this going above and beyond the duties of a township trustee.

Another point from the article focused on reasons why people will run for trustee. The article mentioned many people run because of their desire to help people, others may run as a stepping board to further advancement, while some run seeking revenge. My dad’s commitment to the township has never changed. He has always had the interest of residents in mind. This is an important lesson my father has taught me in my own personal life with leadership roles I carry. He always tells me “Do what’s best for the people you represent, regardless of what others will think of you”. I have watched my father put those words into action countless times.

I hope Tuesday you will vote for Dennis Baugher for Clinton Township Trustee. His experience, passion, and commitment to the township cannot be replaced.

Eric Baugher


Wind turbines would cause issues with safety

It has been raised as an issue at more than one commissioners meeting by myself and others. It is an indisputable fact that with the number of turbines, their proximity to each other and their unprecedented height that our service from air ambulances will be greatly affected. There is no way to dispute this.

The official response to this situation from those services is that they will work with local Fire Departments to find a safe place to land and transport patients. This is true and allows politicians to make the generic statement that the services will still be available to the residents in the project area. But the truth is landing zones will need to be located at a designated distance from every turbine, which I have been told is a half mile. So draw a one mile diameter circle centered on every turbine and count that area as a no fly zone. Also on days like today, Oct. 31, with a low ceiling you can also figure in the aircraft having to travel to one end or the other of the project area to get to any scene beyond the project area as they will not be allowed to cross over the top of the turbines due to the constraints of Visual Flight Rules.

So the next argument that a politician would bring is the EMS or Fire Department can meet the aircraft out of the project area for transport at a designated landing zone. This is a narrow application, one that assumes the patient is already extricated from an accident and ready for transport. How many of the Firefighters / EMTs reading this have had flight crew give lifesaving treatment to trapped victims while they were being extricated? I can save the rest of you from guessing…All of them have on multiple occasions. This situation eliminates that care to anyone in the project area. Not to mention the use of Air Ambulance for search and rescue operations, we have all used them for this from time to time; this will not be an option for those inside of a project area. Anyone in a position of authority that dismisses the detrimental effect of these turbines on Air Ambulance services on our rural community is either completely ignorant to the facts or shrugging off their responsibility to public safety for some other reason.

I felt compelled to put these words down one more time but I can’t help but feel like a fool having to tell this story again to intelligent people in places of authority who choose to ignore facts. The only option in these cases is to make certain those people are no longer elected to positions of authority.

Nathan Blaser

Chief Bloom Fire Department


Vote for Kingseed

I am writing to express my support for Dennis Kingseed in the upcoming election for Clinton Township Trustee. Dennis is not your typical individual. His concerns for the township and its residents are real. It has always been one of his top priorities to continuously improve Clinton Township as he has proven in the past. As many of you already know Dennis is a very dedicated, honest and hardworking individual who possesses many skills. He loves challenges and is always coming up with fresh ideas.

Keeping up with the many changes in township, county and state regulations is a full time job. Dennis is willing to take on these tremendous challenges and responsibilities of being a township trustee. I have every confidence in his ability to deal with all the job entails. Also I know if an individual calls voicing a concern he will get back with you either in person or via a telephone call in working with you in trying to resolve the situation. As a working trustee he will do whatever it takes to get the job done as he takes the responsibility of a trustee very serionsly.

I encourage everyone on Tuesday to vote for Dennis Kingseed.

James A. Breidenbach


Re-elect Rich Focht

I am asking for your support to re-elect Rich Focht as your Fourth Ward Tiffin City Council member.

Rich has been a lifelong resident and has dedicated his time to the Tiffin community to make it a better place to live, work and play. Rich has had several roles throughout his career that gives him a well-rounded background to serve the citizens of our community. Rich has served our country in the United States Army, was the Chief Executive Officer of Focht Bros., City Administrator under the leadership of Mayor Dave Martien and was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Seneca Industrial & Economic Development Corporation.

Tiffin has seen an economic resurgence in the last eight years, thanks in part to Rich’s efforts. Rich helped lay the foundation for Tiffin’s current robust manufacturing sector when he worked to develop Northstar and Eagle Rock Industrial Parks and improve the Airport Industrial Park. Rich also contributed to the immense growth Tiffin’s west end commercial area has seen over the last two decades. At one time a majority of the west end of Tiffin was not located in the city of Tiffin and Rich worked to expand infrastructure to open up development opportunities.

Rich has worked closely with my administration and council to provide the best representation for the residents of the Fourth Ward. He has served as your voice on council and he has brought your interest and concerns to the table to be discussed at meetings.

I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish by working together to move Tiffin forward. I would urge you to vote for Rich Focht on November 5th to keep him as your voice for the Fourth Ward.

Mayor Aaron Montz


Re-Elect Dennis Baugher

I highly recommend voting for Dennis Baugher for Clinton Township Trustee. I have worked as a trustee with Dennis for 20 years. He is honest, hard working, dedicated to the township, and has served as a volunteer fireman for 40 years. Dennis is collaborative and cooperative, willing to work with people to find the best soluntion, and do what it takes to do the job right.

Among the reasons he is the most qualified person for the trustee position is his proven experience in managing township business, ability to operate any piece of equipment the township owns, and unique position as the only candidate to have a CDL to operate all snowplow trucks. He effectively helps maintain the roads, ditches, tiles, and equipment and supports and assists with the fire department’s needs. All this is done with a balanced budget. He is willing to help with any project that aims to improve and benefit Clinton Township.

Dennis has dedicated countless hours to the township over the years and if re-elected as a trustee will continue his commitment to doing what is best for the township residents.

The future of Clinton Township is grounded in choosing leaders who exhibit honesty and integrity in everything they do. I hope you choose the person who exemplifies these qualities and who will lead the township into the future. I encourage you to vote for Dennis Baugher for Clinton Township Trustee.

Dennis Moyer


Fiscal Responsibility

I cannot believe 30 Republicans voted with Democrats in the house to stop Trump’s recall of troops from Syria. I have lost a lot of respect for some of the Republican party in government. They are cowards and do not deserve to be called Republicans.

Trump is not always right but he is trying to straighten out this government without the help of some of his own party. I expect that from Democrats but not members of his own party. We need to get rid of yellow Republicans and replace them with people that have conservative convictions. I am proud to be a Republican and will never let the party down. This country needs a conservative government if we are to survive. We must achieve a balanced budget in the next five years or we will never get our finances under control. We need less government and place our money where it will do the most good. We need to quit trying to fix every problem at once. There are billions of dollars spent every year on unnecessary projects that are a pure waste of money. A lot of these projects are to please a few with little thought to the value of money spent. It is only done to garnish votes. What we need is a review board to judge the value of money spent and list projects by effectiveness. We also need to be sure any costs are kept to the lowest and best bidder and not done to favor any individual or company.

James A. Somers



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