Letters to the Editor, Oct. 5

Citizens need to be in charge

American Promise supports Common Cause and the League of Women Voters in calling for an end to dark money in Ohio. Dark money is being used to intimidate voters from exercising an Ohio constitutional right to sign petitions. Good-government groups believe strongly in the right to influence policy through ballot initiatives. Dark money should not be used to fund actions that interfere with signature-gathering.

It is timely that good government groups are raising awareness of this issue.

The political climate, however, has changed since 2010 when the Ohio legislature last addressed disclosure matters; a state solution is no longer sufficient.

Dark money is due to federal laws and Supreme Court decisions, and thus require a federal solution…a constiutional amendment to stop unlimited and hidden money in elections and policy-making. American Promise advocates for a 28th amendment.

Constituents can amplify the message: “shine a light on dark money.” The Democracy for ll Amendment, in U.S. House and Senate committees, awaits hearings. Ask your federal Representative to co-sponsor HJR 2, and ask Senators Brown and Portman to advocate for SJR 51. Ask your Ohio legislators to support a resolution in the Statehouse asking Congress to pass this amendment and send it back to the states to ratify.

We want citizens, not money, to govern.

Gina Ganni


To Rep. Jordan

We are close to the same age (I’m 57). Although we were both young at the time, I’m writing to ask you to remember the political environment that surrounded the Nixon impeachment inquiry 45 years ago.

Most Republican House and Senate members defended President Nixon in the beginning of the inquiry.

Some Republicans continued to support President Nixon late into the process, and ended up on the wrong side of history.

The Republican “Tipping Point”, where they finally and publicly began to question President Nixon’s behavior, occurred only after the Supreme Court’s order on Aug. 5, 1974 releasing the “smoking gun” tapes. These were the tapes that proved he had ordered a cover-up of the Watergate crimes.

I wonder if you can see the similarities between Nixon’s secret tapes and Trump’s use of top secret encrypted servers to conceal ordinary conversations with other world leaders.

I do not agree with your argument that President Trump was forced to conceal his Presidential conversations due to a fear of embarrassing “leaks”.

A potentially awkward leak is not a legitimate reason to interfere with our system of checks and balances. I believe that at the very least, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform should be allowed access to this secret server.

Please let me know if you would agree to this access.

And please let me know what you consider to be your “Tipping Point.”

Thank you for your time.


Eric Knaplund


Please Donate to United Way

I encourage people of Tiffin and Seneca County to donate to the Tiffin-Seneca United Way campaign to financially assist the agencies supported by the United Way. Family Counseling Service is one of the many agencies that received United Way support.

United Way funds enabled our agency to provide family and individual counseling on a sliding fee rate. No one is refused service because they do not have the money for counseling. This is especially critical when our community is in the midst of the opiate crisis and the rise of suicides. Our agency’s mission is to serve people with limited income and the mission remains the same as when the agency was established in 1965. We are able to do this because of the generosity of the people who donate to the Tiffin-Seneca United Way.

Family Counseling assists persons having family-oriented problems which interfere with satisfactory living. Pressures on children, wage-earners, single parents and others are enormous and the entire community benefits in many ways from counseling. Thank you for reaching out and touching the lives of those we serve.

Please support the Tiffin-Seneca United Way campaign this year.

Thank you.

Shirley Smith

Family Counseling


Love Thy


Tonight at the end of Mass at St. Mary Church we all sang the last song, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. It was traumatic to hear all the people singing that wonderful song. It made me think how far we were from that. There is so much hate and division in our country. People are beaten for their viewpoints when they do not agree with others. The liberals have ran a false investigation on the President that found nothing. That did not matter they hate Trump so much they want to impeach him without reason. This will not go away. They want to run this country at any cost using lies and false statements. This country was founded with the belief of a greater power where you love your neighbor and help others who are in need. But, this is not the case.

This has turned into a “me” society where everyone is only for himself. There have been many civilizations over the hundreds of years that lasted and flourished for many years until greed, jealousy and hatred destroyed them. Some of these civilizations lasted for thousands of years but the division and hatred destroyed them.I see this country is headed in that direction. We have a chance to be the greatest civilization to ever have lived but as quick as this division has occurred and the hate is building, we won’t last another 20 years. There will be more fighting and killing everywhere. If our people do not learn to work together and respect others, we will be in trouble. What is wrong with everyone? Where is all the hatred coming from. We must believe in our creator and learn to understand and work together.

We must love our fellow man not try to destry him. We are all equal in the eyes of our Lord with equal rights and we all deserve to live in peace and follow our destination.

A lot of our younger generations are being taught in some schools and universities to be decisive to everything. They know very little about our past history. The blood and tears of our forefathers to build a free society are not of any importance anymore. Never forget what others have sacrificed for your future.

James A. Somers


To the Residents of Eden Township, Seneca County

Recently, I have had some construction being done at my home in Eden Township. To protect the road at the end of my driveway, I had to rake existing stone from my driveway in order to make it level with the roadway. I contacted the Eden Township maintenance personnel and requested him to drop gravel/stone in the berm to make it level with the driveway as we would be having numerous cement and heavy equipment trucks accessing the driveway.

A few days after this was done, a “concerned” Eden Township resident felt the need to take a photo of the end of my driveway and insinuate that I, as an Eden Township Trustee, was only making sure that my driveway was maintained at the taxpayer’s expense. Let me be very clear; any Eden Township resident can request to have the township spread gravel/stone to maintain berms. Thus, having the gravel/stone dropped at the end of my driveway was to help protect the roadway from all the heavy equipment and spare the taxpayers any expense of having to repair the roadway. This “concerned” Eden Township resident then felt it necessary to distribute these photos to the other Eden Township Trustees and others in what, I assume, was an attempt to allege that there was wrongdoing. This “concerned” resident is clearly misinformed and uneducated on the duties and processes of the township trustees and should refrain from spreading false and misleading information.

I ran and was duly elected to the position of Eden Township Trustee to serve the best interests of the residents of this township and I will continue to do just that.

I strongly encourage the “concerned” individual who distributed the false and misleading information, as well as any other member of our township, to attend any or all of our township meetings to voice any questions or concerns. The meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 8 p.m. at the Melmore Fire Station, 6861 St. Rt. 100, Melmore. Any one of the trustees can be reached at any time with concerns.

Respectfully submitted,

David G. Ziegler

Eden Township Trustee

Thank you Lenny and Clouse


As a volunteer for Seneca Habitat for Humanity I am always grateful for ambitious people willing to use their time and talents on our building crew. We do our best to provide affordable homes for our fellow citizens. However, some jobs require equipment and manpower that we don’t have.

Thank goodness we have some charitable building professionals who are willing to help out. On Sept. 28, Lenny Clouse from Clouse Construction brought a crew to our current building site on Third Avenue. With his guidance they set the trusses and sheeted the roof. Besides his labor, he contributed the additional manpower at his own expense to his charity.

We sincerely appreciate Lenny’s selflessness. It is easy to see why Lenny is such a successful contractor. Not only is he so good at what he does, but he obviously cares about others.

Jim Ruess


Seneca Habitat

for Humanity

The Calm Before the Wind Storm

To some it may feel as though the wind turbine controversy has faded away. But even now a lot of forces are building behind the scenes which will soon let loose in a flurry of activity. The adjudicatory hearing for the Republic Wind project is scheduled to begin on Nov 4th. This will be the only chance for people who live in and near the project to have any meaningful say in the matter. And, the way the process is structured by current law, it is limited to a few people and they have to raise tens of thousands of dollars for lawyers just to be able to have their voices heard. This is the sad state of affairs in Ohio where the agricultural/residential zoning for hundreds of square miles of land can be reconfigured by the State to heavy industrial without a local vote. You can be sure that this stifling of the people’s input is raising the anger and opposition levels to these projects by many orders of magnitude.

Apex, the wind company bent on transforming our area into one giant 600 ft tall power plant, already has two projects going through the approval process in Columbus, the Republic project and Emerson Creek project. Meanwhile they are working feverishly to get 3 more projects started before the federal tax incentives run out — Honey Creek Wind, Emerson West, and Buck Springs. Combined these five projects will cover well over 250 square miles of land. The entire eastern half of Seneca County along with parts of Huron, Crawford, Erie, and Sandusky counties will be a massive sea of huge red blinking lights, all night every night, for the next several decades. When daylight comes there will be nowhere within many miles of here that a person will be able to spend time outside without seeing the flailing arms of hundreds of the massive machines. Whether you think that is a pretty site, or an intimidating intrusion, the fact remains that Seneca County will never be the same.

Is it worth it? That’s a good question. Some will say yes because of the tax revenue they bring. Some will say no because the benefits are overwhelmed by the changes to the area and the sheer number of people affected. But, whichever way the decision goes, it should be made by the people who live here and not by state regulators or by large outside corporations who care only about grabbing the low hanging fruit of government incentives. Do not be taken in by their stories of how transforming our county will somehow save the planet. The fact is that if local citizens were allowed to make the decision with a vote then these projects would be built where they are wanted instead of where outsiders decide to force them in. Removing the element of force would result in better sited projects. And building less offensive renewable energy projects, like solar, would ensure that much more would actually get done to help the climate situation without adversely affecting the lives of so many people and so many wildlife species.

The insistence of building intrusive wind projects over entirely justifiable local objections, when there are other more acceptable ways of obtaining the same goals, is a blatant display of crony capitalism and favoritism by state officials. They may get away with it for a while but it is politically unsustainable. If local citizens in Ohio don’t get a voice in the future of their own community (such as the Reineke Referendum would allow) then uncaring politicians will find themselves out on their keisters, while those who seize the opportunity to recognize the voice of the people and move towards less offensive ways of saving the planet will be much more favored by voters. Just ask any local politician how it has been working out so far. No politician in Ohio can afford to ignore this issue, including the Governor. Responsive and forward looking elected officials will be putting their full support behind the Reineke Referendum to restore local control on wind projects, while the rest can start planning for their career change.

Jim Feasel

Eden Township