Letters to the Editor

Puppy mill owners should be punished

I am writing in regard to the puppy mill that was found. Many of us are watching to see what if anything will be done about this. In my opinion anyone that lets this go unpunished, is just as guilty as the abusers. I have a mom dog that didn’t know how to go up or down a six inch step, was overwhelmed in a fenced in yard she could run and play in. She had to learn how to play! She was very thin and lethargic, and now is clean, free to play and has a clean bed to sleep in, most likely first time in her life. How very sad to know that many dogs and pups were living in such horrible conditions and the owners let it go on. If you can no longer care for them you ask for help! At what point do you become so cold you left that many animals defenseless? Thank God, they were found out. I don’t care how “sweet” you sound on the phone you don’t ever let another animal suffer to line your pocket. What an absolute shame this went on and was allowed to become this large.

Suzanne Hardesty


Fostoria teachers need paid more

This letter is being written in response to statements made by Dr. Thomas Guernsey during the Sept. 16 Board of Education meeting. Quoting Dr. Guernsey, “This contract with FEA has been the most difficult, unprofessional and arduous process I have ever been involved with”.

“Most difficult” REALLY???

2012-2016 Negotiations: Like Dr. Guernsey, teachers wanted to “bring the financial house in order” as well as “act to protect the tax payers’ investments”. Therefore, they agreed to a five year pay freeze. The Bureau of Labor Statics/US Department of Labor shows inflation for those five years as 5.45%. A loss of 5.45%. 2016-2019 Negotiation: There was a need to recoup the 5.45% inflationary loss, the FEA agreed to a three year contract (2016-2019) a total increase of 5.5% At a glance, catchup from past years? Again inflation for those years’ contract, 4.9%. Teachers went backwards.

No difficulties, no unprofessionalism. Just, “yes sir.”

Of course, now teachers need an increase, to cover those losses and fight inflation.

According to information collected for FCS treasurer’s ‘Comprehensive Salary Study of 2017’, “Fostoria was either last or next to last in all areas of salaries.” The board, superintendent, and financial department “took steps to increase administrators’ salaries and benefits to create a strong administrative team.” Check Public Records for exactly what increases were given … extremely generous!

Their salaries had huge increases and their health care expenses are totally paid! Their HSA accounts received, for each administrator, either $4,000 or $5,000.

Dr. Guernsey indicated he wanted to “make them the middle of the road to keep administrators in Fostoria” exactly the same middle of the road needs to be applied to the teachers. Make Fostoria teachers’ salaries the middle of the road instead of leaving them at the bottom. Dr. Guernsey stated, “We are tired of being a stepping stone district for teachers.” That is exactly what happens. Look at the salary tables for Carey, Tiffin, Findlay, Fremont and Elmwood, some of the districts that pull our teachers. Carey is closest to Fostoria. Their entry level teacher makes $2,311 MORE than Fostoria; Elmwood’s, $4,014 more.

An important part of a salary package is the health plan. FEA’s current package has many choices. All have a cap to what the board pays of the monthly premium. If premiums increase, that increase becomes the responsibility of the FEA member. Guernsey reported that last year FEA members had an increase of 15%; this coming year, another 15%. If salaries are not increased enough to help or if the board is not willing to help pay for those increases, some teachers pay increases will be eaten by insurance premiums. Some FEA members will actually take home less pay.

Dr. Guernsey believes that generously increasing administrators’ salaries and health care packages keeps them from leaving. Likewise, teachers’ salaries and health care packages must do the same!

Terry A. Piper,

Retired Fostoria City Schools’

Teacher, FEA President,

Building Administrator

Clyde-Green Springs BOE needs your support

The Clyde-Green Springs Board of Education requests voter support for the CGS school levy on the November ballot. School funding is unnecessarily complicated. I had great hopes about the Cupp Patterson funding plan, but the plan was withdrawn from Ohio’s budget. This leaves school funding as it is always been; a twisted tangled mess. Local districts now provide about 50% of revenue for school districts. Local communities are required to meet the ever-growing financial needs of schools. Schools have long lists of unfunded mandates, these requirements from the federal and state government continue to provide financial burdens to our local schools.

Clyde Green Springs Schools have been trimming expenses. All staff have taken pay freezes and concessions on benefits. The administration continues to find cheaper sources of insurance, electricity, copiers, substitute employees, more efficient furnaces, electrical fixtures, and more. The board of education has set a goal of cutting half of million dollars from the current budget. Yet costs continue to rise. The Clyde Green Springs Board of Education strives to continue to provide a quality education for the children in our communities. I hope that you will also pledge your support and vote for the Clyde Green Springs levy this fall.

Thank you.

Dr. Trisha Prunty Ed.D.

Vice President of

CGS School Board

Township Trustee

Clinton Township trustee election

People of Clinton Township, you have a decision to make Nov. 5, electing a trustee.

This is not a tough decision for the voters of Clinton Township. You have been faithfully served by an outstanding, honest, hard-working trustee for some years now, Dennis Baugher. He has always enjoyed serving the people of Clinton Township. He has always given all the time it takes to do an outstanding job. He has worked with many people in the township to make sure they are satisfied with their problems being addressed and done correctly. He understands the requirements of his job and has the ability to see each job through to proper conclusion. He has served this township well and will never let the people of Clinton Township down.

James A. Somers



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