Letter: Suicide prevention

With October being Suicide Prevention Month, I have some thoughts to pass along.

I had a conversation with a therapist who treated patients with depression. He said he had patients have a thyroid panel done before starting treatment. Thyroid function plays a part in moods, energy and even weight.

Another conversation with a therapist brought about my explanation of depression and how it works. The human brain and a car engine are somewhat alike. If the car is running on all cylinders, everything is fine. If one or two do not function properly, the car is taken to the shop to be fixed. If nothing is done and all cylinders stop working, the car dies. The same with the brain, if nothing is done the result can be suicide.

If you are fighting depression, find a therapist you are comfortable with and a competent doctor who will work with you. Fighting depression is not an easy fix. Finding the right therapist, doctor and medications is a lengthy process.

Marlene Turner



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