What are schools teaching our children?

I read the letter from Brakstin, Aug. 22, on his thoughts about the wind farms. I applaud his courage to write to the paper, not enough people do. However, I am saddened by what our schools are producing.

Brakstin has been told from kindergarten through high school that man is destroying the earth. He doesn’t realize that what he has been taught is propaganda from the Progressives in government. He is taught to regurgitate what he is taught but not to think or question what he hears.

I guess we can’t blame the teachers. They are not allowed to teach both sides of an argument or the real history of our country. They are told what to teach by progressives and they dutifully obey. This is Common Core.

Progressives know there is no climate change. They have perpetrated this lie since the 1970s. Our weather is cyclical. Always was always will be. All Brakstin would have to ask is, we can’t predict the weather one month from now, how can they tell us what kind of weather we are going to have 50 to 100 years from now. You can put any kind of information in a computer and it will tell you what you want. This is how they are getting their so-called facts. Some scientists and climatologists who once thought there was climate change have since changed their minds. Progressives must try and shut them up because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Always remember, Progressives don’t care about the climate or about you or me. They want power and will get it any way possible. These people are ruthless. To them, the end justifies the means. Never trust a Progressive.

Rebecca Orians