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Sales tax on ebay?

As of Sept. 1, the state of Ohio is charging sales tax on ebay purchases. It’s bad enough that many items purchased on ebay came from basements, attics and garages and had taxes paid on them long ago, but they are also charging tax on the shipping of these items! How do they justify that?!

Julie Fitzpatrick


Climate change editorial

Your editorial on climate change deals with nations but misses the global scope. True some Mideast countries are at war (which is awful), but the whole world suffers horribly from climate change. True, China emits the most carbon (30 percent) but the US emits the second most (15 percent), per the website of Sustainability for All. The US is not “the enemy,” but some who criticize us are right, since we rank number 2. Anyway, all sources of pollution add to climate disruption, and those with major political and economic power must quickly take better care of the earth and those that live in it. Some auto companies will soon make only electric vehicles. All businesses can reduce pollution.

Individuals can “reduce their carbon footprints” in numerous ways, but those who know the facts are sure that companies, cities, states and nations have the best opportunities to help mitigate the climate crisis, to cut pollution that sickens and kills too many people and species of plants, insects, animals, fish and birds. Responsible people must not disregard a grave problem less obvious than war.

Also in this day’s editorial page, Senator Rob Portman did not cite environmental concerns by his constituents. He has, however, gotten many petitions from Ohioans worried about Lake Erie’s algae and other pollution. Do our farmers not connect long dry spells and unusually high heat to global warming? Does Senator Portman? Many ways to help solve problems by means of agriculture, energy, food consumption and production and other means can be found in Paul Hawken’s book, Drawdown.

George Marsh


The new Lion King

The Lion King! What a beautifully crafted and exceptional film experience. It’s a classic story that everybody understands and knows…but do we really? Can we go deeper into the layers and see the implication that this story has on us today? By us I mean, we humans, our animals and our endangered environment.

We have two lions who are blood brothers, Scar and Mufasa, Scar is the younger and next in line, after Mufasa, to be king. However his older brother Mufasa was chosen to be king. The rivalry is so intense that Scar succeeds in killing Mufasa. Uncle Scar is now determined to kill the rightful heir, his nephew Simba. He decptively shames Simba into believing that he is responsible for his father’s death. Just one of many lies that Scar easily and carelessly tells for his benefit. Lying can become so natural and normal for some.

Mufasa had time, however, to teach his young son Simba an important lesson. “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. A good king searches for what he can give, while others search for what they can take”. Could that possibly ring a bell? Do you know of a “king” who takes more than he gives? A “king” who is so much richer than those who gave him power.

Scar deceptively gathers the hyenas on his side because he knows of their ravishing hunger. Because of their destructive habits, the hyenas are living in the desolate Elephant Graveyard. By forming an alliance with Scar, they hope to take over the Pride Lands, allowing them and other hyenas to have the freedom to eat as much as they desire. This they do, with Scar’s blessing, destroying the Pride Lands to the point where noone has enough to eat. This makes me think of the deregulation of oil and coal which allows big business to irresponsibly rape the earth thus adding more and more carbon into the atmosphere and destroying the delicate balance. The rich takes all – the 1% not leaving much for the rest of us-the 99%. Adding to this, the Amazon rainforest, the lungs of the earth, is burning, largely due to deforestation. Brazilian agribusiness and farmers clear forests for ranching operations and to grow livestock feed. As the world’s largest exporter of beef, it is no surprise that Brazil has loose restrictions regarding clearing and deforestation-namely, slash-and-burn tactics.

Simba returns and takes his rightful place as King. He, after all, is the favored one, the one who really deserves the title. Had it not been for the Electoral College, the popular vote would have brought a lioness to power.

Scar cannot deal with such a humiliation so he tells Simba, another lie; the hyenas were “the real enemies” that were responsible for killing his father Mufasa. The hyenas overhear the lie. After a brief duel, Simba flips his uncle over a cliff where Scar survives and lands in the area of the hyenas. The hyenas, determined to get revenge on Scar for denouncing them as “the Enemy” begin to surround their former king with gleaming eyes and wide grins. They leap on Scar and maul him to death. Flames rise around them and the hyenas run off from the Pride Lands. Scar, the wanna be king, inadvertently turns his former friends against him by his lies and his two-faced personality. He has a way of belitting and berating them. Eventually, this turns against him and Scar destroys himself. I know a modern day king who has lost 75% of those who occupied the most influential positions within his council of advisors to date. I wonder if this will eventually lead to the demise of this wanna be king?

Just as in any perfect story, soon the Pride Lands return to their former abundant beauty and all the animals gather to pay homage to their new king, Simba and his queen Nala. The perfect ending to a perfect fairy tale! In the real world, however, this doesn’t happen. The devastation of our planet will not recover that easily, if at all. If the nations of the world don’t take immediate steps to curb greenhouse gases, the climate will continue to warm, the glacial ice will continue to melt, the seas will continue to rise, the storms will get more and more powerful and soon there will be a surge of climate refugees whose land will become inhabitable. Right now, the diaspora is a trickle. But massive flights of climate refugees are likely within this century, especially from vulnerable low-lying locations such as Miami which could precipitate 4 million refugees.

The likes of Mufasa, Simba and Nala, must return. As Nala’s mother, Sarafina says, “A true king’s power is his compassion.” A true leader’s power is his/her compassion. Do we hear? Do we heed? Do we know that we are all connected in the great Circle of Life?

Mary Omlor


Law and Order; Where Has it Gone?

Whatever happened to law and order–to integrity and truth with our politicians? And, why does it seem that we are headed in the wrong direction when we think of those who run our country as not being trustworthy?

Negative thinking? Yes, I do sound pretty negative and I never used to be that way. That is up until I read and hear what has been going on the last few months. And this makes me wonder what has happened…

Concerning law and order, let’s start with Hillary Clinton and what most Americans believe about her which is that she should have been indicted quite some time ago for various reasons and should be in jail by now. I won’t mention all of the reasons because I want to keep this short. Yes, I know that we cannot believe everything we read. But if only a few of her issues were true we would have a big problem. Even James Comey former Director of FBI said Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State was very careless with confidential testimony and could have very easily leaked some secret information to the enemy. That is only one of the few things that they have very substantial information on. It goes on and on but yet she remains free and could indeed run for President of the United States. And it goes on and on about Mrs. Clinton and her violations. If only part of them were true, it would be worth further investigation. But the “news” media, for the most part is ignored by the Justice Department! Yes, Mr. Comey former Director of the FBI has neglected his duty as Director of the FBI after all the issues he found, he still did not feel that she should have been indicted.

Then there is more about our former Director of FBI, James Comey. Check this out from townhall.com. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released an 83-page long report Thursday morning about misconduct by fired FBI Director James Comey for leaking memos about conversations with President Trump for personal and political gain. Most importantly, the report concludes Comey improperly released FBI material in order to launch the Special Counsel investigation into the 2016 presidental election. There is more and remember that it’s all on our former director of the FBI who is in charge of all our sensitive and secret material. You can see it all on townhall.com. Check it out.

So bottom line is that Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State was very careless and could have possibly released sensitive and secret information to the enemy. There are other ways that she violated her oath of office. The same is true for Mr. Comey and yet they both are free. Doesn’t this beg the question as to why? This means we have or had two people we should have trusted with these highly sensitive documents but they failed. This leaves some questions, does it not?

Again, I apologize if I sounded too negative at the beginning, but I simply expressed how I feel about all of this.

Frank Gregory


Love is the


I still have a problem understanding why anyone would want an abortion of a healthy, beautiful baby. My wife and I had seven beautiful children and each one was a gift from God. I worked the early part of our marriage wherever I could to support our family. This was my choice and well worth it. I would have never in a million years considered destroying any of these little ones. My wife and I felt blessed to have brought these little ones to adulthood under God.

I know there are circumstances that may seem to have no other solution than abortion. That is untrue. If only they would talk to support groups and not liberals who are pro-abortion. They would know how important it is to consider the gift God has given them. There are many people in this country who would love to have a child of their own. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be for these parents. They would be forever gratefull to your loving gift. This would be the ultimate gesture to others and our Lord. Abortion should never be a choice they make alone.

Only our maker can choose the end of life. This is never a choice you should make alone for it will follow you until the day you die.

Pray for guidance and for the lives of the unborn.

James A. Somers



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