Use the light in the dark world

There is much evil and darkness in the world today. Abortions, gay marriage, drug use, a complete turning away and abandonment of Christian values and the list goes on and on. It is said that the darkness cannot stand against the light. When a candle is lit in a black room the darkness must flee. How would we call on and use this light? In my experience there is only one way. The rosary, Saint Louis de Montfort is quoted saying, “Never will anyone who says the rosary everyday become a heretic or be led astray by the Devil. This is a statement that I would gladly sign with my blood.” Not to mention I can say with conviction that the rosary saved my life. I was shown mercy when I should have received justice. Also at Fatima Portugal Our Holy Mother Mary told us that god wished to establish in the world devotion to her Immaculate Heart and to say the rosary daily, these events are well documented and true. To be against or to speak out against Our Holy Mother and/or the rosary is a sure sign of damnation as was said by Our loving Mother Mary. Christ gave Mary to us as our mother at the foot of the cross and as Our Mother she prays and pleads for us to God. If we want to get to heaven then devotion to Jesus through Mary is not optional. Heaven has been clear as to what God wants. Christ made the sun dance across the sky for his mother over Fatima Portugal Oct. 13, 1917. These events have been well documented, so no one can say God doesn’t exist or that there are no proof of these claims. The proof happened Oct. 13, 1917 over Fatima and even after Fatima there are still people who do’t believe and rebel against God, what arrogance. I’m no saint or prophet by any means however I believe we are in the End Times and things are only going to get worse. Our Loving Holy Mother promised as did Saint Louis de Monfort that anyone who says the rosary devoutly every day will not be lead astray by the Devil and even if your soul is as black as Hell you Will eventually change your life. Everyone should keep this in mind.

Michael Canton


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