Twitter and President Trump

Why do people get so upset when President Trump makes comments on Twitter, when they choose to follow him? Why not just ignore his remarks? I would guess that often this is the only way he can let the truth be known, as the mainstream media continually makes up or misconstrues negative comments about him. We live in a free country with free speech, and this also applies to our President. So, if you don’t like what he says, don’t read it!

How about concentrating on some of the great decisions he has made? I believe one of the most important aspects of the President’s job is protecting the welfare of the American people. Recently, he was able to stop your tax dollars from being used to refer women to Planned Parenthood. Their abortionists in 2018 killed 332,757 unborn babies. That averages 911 babies every day!! (CBN News) Is their main focus really about poor women’s health care?

Think about this when election day rolls around; every Democrat running for president says abortion should be legal – and they want your money to kill the unborn! Will your conscience allow you to vote for one of them?

Mary Arbogast

New Riegel