This is the Plan

I think I finally see the plan the liberals have for our country. I must give them credit, it is a smart plan. First, they want to raise everyone’s basic wage to $15 per hour. They would also like to raise people who make more to a higher wage. After that is accomplished they will introduce their terrific new Health Plan. Now, how do we pay for healthcare for everyone that is “free,” even to the millions of immigrants that are coming into our country. Simple, the people they have given $15 and others who got raises will need to pay taxes. At least half of their new found wealth will be needed to pay for all the new programs they will put in place. So this is a part of the new social plans the liberals have if they take over our country. Now, this is just a start. There are many more new social programs that will be fazed into our country.

They will need to raise taxes to support each new program. I only hope we can raise the minimum wage fast enough to pay for all these new programs. I hope the people see this as an impossible scheme. The left wants to have complete control of all aspects of our country.

So, Robert, you think I am full of hatred for all liberals. “Not so.” Many of my friends are Democrats and very reasonable, intelligent people. Robert, you are very misguided or misinformed about the mission of our president. And, about me. I hate no one but I am very angry about how the liberals are blaming everything on Trump. I think someday you will look back and see the truth. It won’t be long before the Deep State report is out and you will finally know the truth.

James A. Somers