Response to Hockley and Orians

I read with interest Brakstin Hockley’s and Rebecca Orians’s letters on Global warming. I give Brakstin credit for the gumption to write with his convictions on the subject. I do wonder however if he is, as Rebecca says “regurgitating” the present teachings on the subject.

I wonder if local schools are giving any time to discussing the Great Black Swamp? This is a subject covering part of our state. History tells us the entire area was once covered by a glacier some thousands of years ago. When it melted it created the Great Black Swamp. Also, the crystal caves in Sandusky were also created by melting glaciers, as well as our great lakes themselves. To the best of my knowledge no one disputes this. Of course this all happened over a course of several thousands of years, {not 12} also without the addition of man’s fossil fuel burning.

From What I read, present predictions of the eminent threat to our survival because of global warming is a result of theories and computer generated models. This brings to mind old saying GIGO (garbage in garbage out) computer lingo.

I am certainly no weather expert. But I do believe In climate change, history has shown us that the global temperature is rising due to natural changes, but, I don’t see any single event (fires,floods,storms,) as a sign of impending global disaster. I certainly can find nothing in history that brought about a drastic change in the climate in 12 years. Based on history, I do believe the climate will be different in a 1000 years from now.

I also believe the proponents of the current teachings have a sinister interest in using the subject to gain power over certain fields of our economy and political control of our country. Based on all I can find the statements of a pending global warning disaster in 12 years is lunacy. If someone on the other side can come up with one instance where the global temperature was effected by some man made event in a period of say, 25 years, maybe I will take another look.

Wayne Griffin