I suggest that we try “Red Flag” law on motor vehicles first. Motor vehicles account for more deaths in the U.S. than firearms, even though there are many more firearms. This fact is often overlooked or ignored. Facts will, sometimes, mess with some people’s opinion. One popular politician has stated that he doesn’t choose facts. Many more do the same.

One basic definition of a red flag law stated: A person’s firearms could be confiscated if the person poses a threat to himself or others, as deemed by authorities. (Would authorities ever deem someone to NOT be a threat?)

As stated above, a red flag law could easily be applied to motor vehicles. If someone felt that another person’s speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, texting while driving, DUIs, posed a threat, the authorities deem the person a threat, the person’s vehicle(s) would be confiscated, crushed and dumped in the ocean.

This would appear to be an easy law to pass as our right to own a vehicle and drive on roads is not guaranteed but the constitution.Motor vehicles are registered and licensed, but, still kill out of proportion to their numbers. Red flag may be the answer.

David Beard