Summer is gone. Fall is upon us. Let us thank God for the beautiful growing season, even though all didn’t get planted as planned. Beans and some corn need good growing days to mature.

God knows our every need. He wants us to ask, to pray. Prayer is powerful. It takes time, effort, belief and trust in our almighty God.

We are to believe as children. I learned to pray and believe as a child by reading my little Bible and going to Sunday school at the little country church north of my home farm. That has carried me well through life. It can do it for anyone.

Let us pray for a late fall, for warm sunny days to mature the crops that have been planted, wind to dry them out and dry weather to bring them in.

God hears and answers us as we pray, believing, trusting and following him. It’s just that simple.

We will get through these trying times with God’s help. We always have.

Ruth Hoepf