Lack of coverage by The A-T

I am writing to you in hopes that what was not reported about the Seneca East football game against Edison does not occur again this week or any of the weeks to follow. It was a great game against a Division 4 school, I was there and looked forward to reading about their accomplishments of the evening. What a disappointment to see nothing but two photos and I’m sure that would not have been for a couple of parents sending them in. I realize that you were not here in this area last year so you need to know that this football team are the Division 6 Regional Football Champions for 2018. In this area that is a big deal. I’m sure you have seen the signs as you enter Tiffin making such statements about our local schools, Tiffin Columbian and Tiffin Calvert. I would hope that you would publish an article on Monday about Tiffin Columbian or Tiffin Calvert if they missed the deadline for the Saturday newspaper.

I understand that the information was not available at press time for the Saturday paper, but why was there nothing in the Monday paper? Your sports reporters should have made a follow-up call to the coaches of those teams that missed the deadline, I would think that is part of their job. I know that there was a large Cross County Meet in Tiffin on Saturday and they did report of the event, but there is no excuse for not following up with the coaches that missed Saturday’s deadline.

So what happens when basketball season begins? Games are played on Saturday, are they to be ignored also? Seneca East is a local school that lies within Seneca County, they deserve the same coverage as all of the others schools in Seneca County.

I hope sincerely that you consider rethinking your decision in regards when you miss the sports deadline after a football game or any other high school game that it will not be ignored but a follow-up effort is made for that event.

Thank you,

Joyce Schrenk



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