Destruction of Others’ Property is Against the Law

God plants inside each of us the sense of knowing right from wrong. It is called conscience. Obviously, whoever intentionally destroyed pro-life signs three different times on U.S. 224 near U.S. 23 chose to ignore those gut feelings. Since these signs were demolished that many times it is obvious that someone is feeling guilty or threatened. Two laws were broken, trespassing on someone’s property and destroying someone’s property. We all have the constitutional right to free speech, which means we may not agree with a differing opinion, but we still must respect another’s views. This is one of our guaranteed rights in the United States. Nothing gives anyone the right to destroy what they don’t approve of. It is called RESPECT. This means that “You respect me and I respect you” and it works both ways. It is sad that lack of respect is evident, even in Seneca County. It is permeating our culture. First, it appears as lack of tolerance and respect for others’ thoughts and property. Then it leads to lack of respect for other people – the elderly, the sick, the handicapped and the babies, born and unborn! Next, the following thoughts become accepted. If you’re too old, you have no societal value so let’s legally assist you to die. Although the modern term is “compassionate” care, many of us call it euthanasia! If you’re too sick or handicapped, you can be taken care of too. And wow, if you’re unborn, you are in the most dangerous place, your mother’s womb!!! You can’t speak, escape, cry for protection or even pray. But you can grow, feel pain and move. And you are TOTALLYdefenseless. Your mother can choose to let you live or legally end your life. And if she chooses to endyour little life and you do survive the attempted abortion, in many states you are legally left to die. No attempts to save you will be allowed. While our modern society calls this a woman’s right, many of us call it murder! All goesback to lack of respect.

Our culture is becoming all about “me” and not about “us”. Thinking only about oneself and what you want or how you feel leads to stepping on the rights, thoughts and feelings of others. Disrespect takes over and it is wrong.

We are all human beings. We all need compassion. We all need acceptance. We all make mistakes. If negative emotions and guilt emerge as a result of bad decisions, deal with it. Seek help and forgiveness. Don’t retaliate against people who feel differently than you by destroying their property and hurting others.

We ALL need to remember the golden rule, “Treat Others As You Wish to be Treated”.


Diane Moyer

Tiffin Right to Life president


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