Why the “Shock and Awe”?

In the aftermath of the mosr recent shootings in El Paso, Texas and right here in our state of Ohio in Dayton, why is there such a “Shock and Awe” associated with these tragedies???

As a nation we’ve grown cold, heartless and uncaring since we’ve sat quietly by and “accepted” the destruction of all that our great country was founded upon.

Weneed not to wonder why these horrific slaughters are happening… when over 3000 human babies are slaughtered every day and it’s legal, why should we be shocked when these cold-hearted killing occur… it’s because there is no respect for human life any longer. When you can kill a human baby just seconds before he/she is about to take its first breath outside of what should be the loving safety of its motrher’s womb, then why do such tragedies as just occurred cause such questions???

I find it totally amazing that over so much time it’s been the work/determination/push for so many to take God out of everything! Well… am I the only one who finds it totally amazing that one of the first things that is done following one of those massacres is that a “prayer vigal” is pulled together and the communities involved and even this nation halts everything so that prayers for the victims, their families and anyone in connection with the current atrocity can be prayed for???

We’ve removed God from everything, yet expect Him to “jump in and save the day” after a tragedy caused by others who have probably not been introduced to His loving and caring ways, or they would have never just completed heinous crime they just placed on so many.

Oh what a sad world we live in… oh what a hypocritical world we live in! We are experiencing the results of everything that has been “accepted” by those living previously and currently. For it to be a crime to de-claw your cat in the state of New York, yet they applauded being one of the first states to make it legal to kill a human baby seconds before its birth day, and if that little baby lived through that horrific experience to then let it lay there to die; then we are merely reaping what is surely the wrath of God for our “double standards” of the value of life (in utero or outside of the womb), and for wanting nothing to do with him until tragedy strikes.

So I ask… “Why the shock and awe”??? We’ve grown complacent with the killing of little human babies and watching one attempt after another to remove God in so many ways from our daily living…,we’re just experiencing the results of that which happens when our world, our society, our towns, our elected officials, our own selves have no care any longer for the gift of life given to us by Almighty God who will forever reign over us all no matter how much others try to remove him.

Let’s be a world, a nation, a society, a people that turns “Shock and Awe” into “Praise and Thanksgiving” for all that our dear Lord has given us…starting with a respect for all human life!

Ginny Bursa