Trump for Our Future

I was reading in the paper today, another Democrat is mad at Trump. People do not realize that the condition of our country that has been run by liberals for 8 years before Trump is a real mess. It takes tough talk and tough decisions to correct the problems caused by the last administration.

People must realize he is being hit from all sides by liberals who do not like him, or having a Republican at the helm. They will stop at nothing to get rid of him. The fact he has accomplished what he has with all the entrenched government liberals is a wonder. I know of no other president who would have been able to stand up to them.

Trump is not perfect but he loves this country. If you wait till the “Deep State” investigation is released, maybe some of his enemies will understand. He understands you cannot allow millions of people into our country without knowing who they are or what they stand for. He is trying to stop an influx of illegal drugs that are ruining our country and killing our young people. He is also trying to have fair trade practices with other countries who have for years taken advantage of our vague policies. I only hope people return him to finish what he is trying to do.

Some people blame him for the carnage we are experiencing in our country but if you check, it is the liberals who are causing all the problems with the hate and underhanded acts. They want to impeach him so they can take complete control of our country. If you think things are bad now, then elect a liberal and find out how a liberal socialist country functions. They want to take over every aspect of your life and show you how to better spend your money.

James A. Somers