To Mr. Hockley and anyone else who may not understand our opposition to these wind farms

First of all, I would like to applaud you for your concern for the state of our environment and addressing the need to find a solution to preserve our Earth for the generations to come. I agree that changes will have to be made and realistic alternative energy sources found. However, I do not believe that those solutions should come at the expense of others, especially when a select few are getting rich on it. In the past few years, people, like myself and those who share the “anti-wind” mentality, have been painted as basically monsters.

We hate the environment because we’re not blindly jumping on board with this “clean” energy source. People, many who are not even going to be living within a wind project, are so quick to label us as such without even doing any kind of real research as to why we would be against these giant turbines being so close to our homes. And quite frankly I’m sick of it. Zoning laws are in place “for the simple purpose of protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the people as relates to land use” by “protecting the value and enjoyment of properties by separating incompatible land uses and minimizing their potentially negative impacts upon each other.” So why would anyone believe that we have no right to protest a bunch of 600 ft turbines in our backyards especially when there have been substantial documented cases providing reason to believe that these turbines are unsafe and unreliable? They can throw ice and debris beyond the current safety setbacks. They do generate noise (as we’ve heard from people who’ve actually built them) and shadow flicker that have been proven to cause health problems in those who are subjected to them for long periods of time. And these companies can claim that wind farms do not cause a decrease in property values all they want but they can’t guarantee that someone is going to pay fair market value for my home when I’m located less than a mile from 4-5 turbines. I’m sure someone would eventually buy it, but certainly not for the asking price. Unfortunately these wind farms are not subject to local zoning laws. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit idly by and welcome them with open arms. If you ask us the question “Why are you so against these turbines?” or “Why are you against clean energy?” The majority of us will answer with “We’re not. We’re just against them being located so closely to our homes.” I’ve said many times to those inquiring that I would welcome solar panels, even on my own property (and no, we’re not in Arizona but we’re not winning any “Windiest City” awards either). If these turbines were as safe and efficient as the companies claim them to be, there wouldn’t be so much documentation showing otherwise, and as a result there wouldn’t be as big of an opposition.

So the only thing that Seneca County will be missing out on is declining property values, unsafe living conditions, and boneyards of rusting, obsolete giant eyesores that only generated a small percentage of what was promised for only half the amount of years that was expected.

So, in closing we’re not heartless people who care nothing for the environment. We’re just people, working hard to protect and preserve the homes and lives that we’ve built for ourselves and our families and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Thank You,

Crystal Hoepf