Thoughts from an Old Fashioned Conservative

Well, here we go again. We’ll hear the discussion every day; day in and day out. And they will be important discussions worth listening to. Because of the number of killings with guns, the discussions will be about gun control. Do we really need to enforce gun control and will it help or will it be totally useless? Both sides of the issue will be discussed.

My personal feeling is that restricting citizens to own guns ill do no good. I believe that enforcing gun control would be like putting a bandaid on a major injury. Below are my reasons for feeling this way:

1) According to a CBS poll that was taken after the Orlanda night club shooting of 2016, only 36% of U.S. adults either own a firearm personally, or lived with someone who does.

2) The latest household gun ownership rate in the General Social Survey, in 2014, was 32%.

3) The 2015 Gallup survey showed a higher rate of 43%, including guns kept on property outside the home.

4) The latest household gun ownership rate in the General Social Survey, in 2014, was 32 percent.

So according to that information, we have fewer residents these days who own guns, yet we have more gun violence now than we’ve ever had in recent years. Why is that? It seems to me that there is, indeed something wrong that needs to be fixed. I don’t know and I wonder if anyone knows for sure what the answer is. But just thinking about it tells me that guns are not the problem. I believe that it goes much deeper than that.

I have some thoughts as to what that could be. Yes I am a little bit old fashioned in my thinking but I know how most people felt about personal values years ago and I know how many people feel today. Over the years, things have changed. Perhaps this could be some of the reasons for our problems. Maybe we should get back to the values we had years ago. And maybe we should try to raise our kids with the same values. I don’t know–Just thinking.

Frank SanGregory