Support Your Police/Firemen

What is happening, this is not the country I have grown up in. Complete disrespect for our officers of the law. This can not continue. This will lead to complete chaos in this country. Where do these people come from? If the safety of everyone is no longer secure in this country where will we be. If this continues and the police can no longer do their job this country is doomed. There is an element in the liberal party that wants unrest to prevail and it must stop. What is the purpose of all this dissension. Is it to make this administration look bad? This shows the criminal element in the liberal party and how little they care about the general public. They proclaim to care so much about. It won’t be long that no one will want to live or travel to the larger cities in this country. I watched on television that children 6 to 10 years old are being used to harass the police. They have a hard time even holding up a small bucket of water. What a shame that anyone would stoop that low to use children in such a disrespectful manner. What does this say about the parents. When will these people learn this will eventually this country. There was one scene where a man was so elated with the proceeding he was beside himself. Jumping around and waving his arms in exuberants. I have heard nothing from the liberals in opposition to these actions. It looks like they want to get rid of all forms of law enforcement. If that happens the criminal element will run amuck and will overrun this country. This must stop before the police say “to ‘hell'” with this job. If this happens we will lose the protection of our police. Then look out for your safety.

Jim Somers