Our Country Under God

I see by the Saturday paper we still have some liberals who have not gotten over the choice of a Republican in the last Presidential election. They are upset that the 35 million spent to get something on Trump failed. They will never accept the results. They are so upset they lost control of the office of President. The liberals are going for a socialist-type government. It will not work the way they are pushing it. The expense is just too large and many freedoms could be lost. It was stated Social Security is a socialist program. “Wrong”. People pay into a government fund such as an insurance policy. Free health care for all. Guaranteed jobs for everyone with $15 per hour or more. Healthcare for everyone even people who are not citizens. The new green deal that would get rid of everything that burns fossil fuels. Meat from cows and pigs, airplanes, trains, boats, fertilizer for farmers. If we would follow the ideas of the new green deal, we would be the only country in the world that would. In a matter of years, we would be the poorest country in the world. We need to do this as a world venture not alone.

Think about the fact a conservative in our country is in danger of being hurt by the left. You see it in the news when they attack gay and transgender people. Unless you are blind when they televised the riots in California, you saw the liberals destroying college property by the thousands of dollars. They were mad that they had let some conservative in to speak on campus. These actions are what most liberals close their eyes to.

If only congress could work together. As it stands now, they will accomplish very little in the next 16 months.

When it comes to Baltimore, a lot of money has gone there, where did it go? It probably lined a lot of city pockets. “I wonder” The liberals are afraid if this is looked into it could be a problem. I think the liberals know who most of the troublemakers are. That is easy, stand in front of your mirror. Most liberals want you to give most conservatives a hard time when you see them in public. The hate from the liberals was obvious the day the election was decided. This has increased to the point they are dividing our country. Most have been supported by the left media and the ravings of those who are afraid they will lose their political jobs.

James A. Somers



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