Not My President?

After reading Paul Pospisill’s letter (Fourth of July Trump Show 7/17) I do have to agree that 2.5 million could have been better spent. But let’s face it what president hasn’t wasted money one time or another. I remember Obama giving Iran, a country that celebrates Death to America Day and burns our flag, over 30 billion. I would think that as a verteran this would upset you but what, was that your President? Yes, the national debt is too high. And, how much of that is spent on illegals and witch hunts? Let’s see 34 million spent and Mueller, when questioned sounds like he can’t remember what he’s been doing this whole time. As far as the wall, no maybe not the best idea but every idea he’s had on immigration has been shot down by people with no solutions. I don’t call opening up the border and giving free health care to everyone who comes, a solution. I call that stupidity. I really don’t think Trump would have been elected if the Democrats would be more concerned with the needs of the taxpayers instead of worrying about people who are not even citizens f this country. Right now, anyone who’s willing to work can find a job and who’s retirement accounts are not doing well. So, where’s the suffering? So, go ahead and scream “Not my President” all you want, that’s your right. Just remember, i some of these liberals with their brain dead ideas get control of this country. That’s a right that could disappear!

Ted Sendelbach