Letter: Red flag won’t change much

A red flag law is not going to change anything for the better. There were ten concise and perfect laws put down by the Good Lord. If these were being observed none of these horrible events would be happening. However, progressive politicians have done their best to destroy any threat to their authority and wisdom.

Companies in their greed make millions selling incredibly violent games, many involve killing and totally inappropriate use of firearms.

How about Hollywood’s latest attempt to make money and mock Trump supporters and Christians, deplorable all! Make killing such people a “sport”. The stench from that idea caused them to desist.

Now, America, to be relatively safe, armed guards are/will be needed at every church, school, hospital, business etc. Progressive liberal politicians have wrought this upon us with their Godless tripe.

The need for security guards will provide employment for a great many people including legal immigrants.

A red law will be nothing but a devious backdoor to eventual gun confiscation. Call your representative NOW.

Hugo Bour