Bravo Bursa

The letter from Ginny Bursa on Aug. 13, hit the nail right on the head and should give all of us cause for deep thought.

Murder, the deliberate taking of innocent life, is murder inside the womb or out. God does not differentiate. He mourns every hateful act upon His children. Yes, the people of this nation shake their heads and grieve, as we should, when these mass killings occur and we wonder how these atrocities can happen. Oh that we would all feel that same shock and grief over the mass murders each day of thousands of innocent unborn babies in their mothers wombs and those delivered alive and left to die. Oh that this entire nation would fight for the rights of the unborn and bring an end to abortion. Only then will this country begin to heal. Only then will God surely bless the United States of America. Until then, may we all join the Ginny Bursas of the world in continuing their loving and tireless fight for the unborn and may all the rest of this nation and the world follow in their footsteps.

Susan Schank