Wind Turbines Affects on Public Health

Apex can put no justification or price on the general public’s health. What these business people are looking at is income, pure profit for themselves. There will be no income on the health of people living in the proposed areas of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) of these wind turbines. These EMFs have far reaching affects on our land and citizens living within wind farm vicinities. These affects are 1) The increase in number of bad bacteria growth of the soil where these turbines are located. 2) This kills off the healthy bacteria found in the crops grown in the area. 3) In effect it will decrease the healthy bacteria and increase the bad bacteria of the people who consume these crops. What does this mean for you as an individual? It means long term detrimental effects upon your health, your children, grandchildren and all generations following. How? Just open your eyes! You only have to see who around you has a chronic disease? Heart disease, arthritis, chronic sinus infections, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, eczema, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and cancer, just to name a few. Hey, right! All these diseases are here already. Yes true. But they will increase and be manifested at a younger age leaving us with shorter life expectancies. You have to look at the bigger picture. Add wind turbines to 5G cell towers, above ground and below ground dirty electricity, overhead powerlines, power stations, one plus one does not add up to two. Our bodies can’t add. It means the weaker, more vulnerable (children, the elderly), will be predispositioned to lifelong if not life threatening diseases. Check out why our children are most quoted as being obese? Open your eyes! Could it be the food offered in this country that is the problem, is it truly safe to eat?

Did you hear about the Round-up court case against Monsanto? A very short no quotes version. A man who worked for a school district was required to use Round-up. First use he got sick. He then had some accidents with handling the Round-up, which made him feel worse. He contacted Monsanto several times about the safety of their product. They kept ignoring, pushing him off and vaguely answering his questions. So eventually he came down with Lymphoma (a vicious deadly cancer). The man took them to court and won! Monsanto is a worldwide manufacturer of chemicals. They make Coca Cola. Check them out on the internet. You think they would have a conscience? No! They are still advertising Round-up on tv. Guess what! We are still buying and using this cancer causing chemical, spraying it around our homes and around playgrounds a decade or more later. Open your eyes! We are paying them to slowly kill us and our children. For what? A weed killer. Round-up is also genetically programmed (GMO, genetically modified organisms) into our farm products. So not only are we using it for weed killer, we are eating it in our foods. Round-up also kills the healthy micro-organisms within our farm land. So, you add it up, EMFs, GMOs and other polluntants within the air we breath, the water we drink and GMO foods we eat; anyone for a chronic disease or lymphoma? Open your eyes! One plus one does not equal two. Oh, but you can’t prove any of this. Check out the articles on Pub Med.com. Open your eyes!

Now for the effects/affects of wind turbines how they constantly generate noise/vibrations known as low frequencies you can’t feel upon your skin. These frequencies constantly are alerting our immune system that something is invading us. So, the immune system says let’s kill it. This will generate the immune system to mistakenly kill off self, not knowing self is from an EMT frequency. Yielding an increase in autoimmune disease. These autoimmune disorders will be diverse, and varied. Open your eyes! Don’t be a victim of the so-called experts, do your research. They have special interest MONEY! Will you put a price on your health and that of your family? No wind turbines in Seneca County or the rest of our country.

Deb Swartz