Wake Up Before it is too Late

I have been watching the debate between the Democratic hopefuls on Wednesday night television. They were all pushing for the demise of Trump as president. They had very little to say about their plans as president. I think they are having trouble because Trump has delivered on most of his promises he had made before he was elected. I watched the debate on Friday and all they wanted to do was talk about pushing socialism. It looks like they all are in favor of it. The problem is only Bernie Sanders had any idea of how to pay for the one payer health plan. But even he said that taxes would have to be assessed on every one to pay for it. They will give free health care to all immigrants who are in our country and all who will come into our country in the future. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. The liberals can’t be serious. Even a small child knows that free is “never” free. The cost of what the liberals are pushing is impossible and they know it. The Socialist thing I think they are using it to get votes from the immigrants, the college students and the many people who want something for nothing. My hope is we will again elect Trump so he can finish what he has started. I hope that crazy people will come to their senses and sit down and think what they are doing. It has gotten to the point that a conservative person can not give his opinion in public without reprisal. What happened to the people who pose as Democrats? This is not the people I have known most of my life. They have been my friends and neighbors. A lot of these people are not true Americans. There is too much hatred from some people in this country. This division must stop if this country is to survive. I feel sorry for the youngsters of today they have a very bleak future.

James Somers