Use Good Judgment

I have been watching the news about about the demise of the Air Max 1 USA shoe by Nike. I think they had a terrific idea. That shoe could have been a million dollar seller. What I don’t understand is why a great company like Nike would listen to a loser like Kaepernick. Have the management team lost their minds. He can’t play football and hates this country and most people in it. Is this the type of person you look to for guidance. It says a lot about your company. Betsy Ross was a Patriot who helped design and made our first flag. Your company made a mistake and you should have gotten rid of Kaepernick. I hope this does not hurt your sales. I know I will never buy another Nike product from a company who puts a USA hater in charge of the products they manufacture. Lots of luck. In all the years I have heard nothing about the Betsy Ross Flag being used for any adverse purpose. Only someone who hates our country would come up with this idea and convince your company you should not use it. He probably laughed when he saw you believed his lie.

Jim Somers