Seneca Wind Public Hearing

The Seneca Wind Public Hearing is scheduled for 3 – 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 23. The event is to be at Marion Center, 235 Miami St., Tiffin University campus. This public hearing is a standard component of Ohio Power Siting Board’s process of reviewing applications for the construction of major utility facilities in Ohio.

The purpose of the local public hearing is to allow interested parties to provide testimony regarding the proposed Seneca Wind project. Individuals or organizations that are formally intervening in the Seneca Wind case preferably should not testify.

An administrative judge will conduct the hearing and includes a court reporter. Individuals that wish to provide a verbal statement will be asked to sign-in and will testify under oath. It is helpful for the court reporter to provide a copy of your testimony in writing. Written testimony as opposed to verbal testimony is also accepted. Any testimony may be cross examined by either pro or anti-wind attorneys present. There is no time limit for your testimony but it should be concise to be effective.

We encourage the public to attend and participate. Our goal is to demonstrate to the Ohio Power Siting Board the overwhelming opposition against the Seneca Wind project that exists in Seneca County. Wear your yellow shirts.

Greg Smith

Seneca Anti-Wind Union