I hear Alexandria Cortez give Amazon hell for not giving its employees a living wage. Fox news reports Amazon pays all employees $15 per hour and have a generous benefit package. This goes to show she has no idea what she’s talking about. This is the normal for most liberals.

I listen to their ideas for our country and wonder who will pay the cost of all these programs. This next year and a half will be a liberal comedy act. They have no window to the future or any concept of what can be accomplished. They do not have a reasonable plan. Most of what they want takes much time and careful planning. Most of the plans they are pushing will take cooperation from the rest of the world to be effective, if the U.S. would jump into trying to accomplish everything necessary for environmental impact. It would cost trillions of dollars and would set our country back 30 years.

The things Cortez is pushing, she is saying it must be done in the next 12 years or the world will end. We must have all the internal combustion engines replaced by electric, no air travel and remodel all buildings in our country to be eco-friendly. That would be impossible because we would be the only country doing it. This would be pure suicide for our country. The rest of the world will be doing things the old way and we will have regressed. We will lose any advantage we have. Environmentally, we must move forward at a pace we can afford and sustain. This world will not survive unless we plan for the future using careful planning.

James A. Somers