Letter, July 29



I see the Press following the “Squad” the USA hating Democrats like puppy dogs. This is so insane that the press has lowered itself to this. The “Squad” would be nothing without the puppy dog press.

Why won’t the Press follow people with positive ideas. The things the “Squad” stands for is totally Un-American and should not be promoted to the rest of the world as to what America stands for. There are so many things going on in this country that represents the true picture of our country why do they encourage this negative behavior. Without the Press they would be nothing.

I see in some of the interviews of the “Squad” a bunch of older white haired men shaking their heads in agreement. Where was this televised, in a mental institution? This whole situation has turned into insanity. Has the Press hated Trump so much they will print anything the Democrats are doing just to keep them in the public eye. Has the Press totally abandoned the Republican Party.

They should remember that a large amount of the population is Republican and Independent voters. If I were running a business I think I would like to please the majority of the population and not take sides. People are hard to please and could be why the newspaper business is in decline in some of the large cities.

The main reason I like The Advertiser-Tribune is they do not show favoritism. They print news from all sources regardless of affiliation.

Jim Somers