Actually, I have always liked Joe Biden — I really have even though he’s more liberal than I like. I had always thought that Biden was a person who would stick to his guns when it comes to defending his beliefs. Well — so I thought. But things have changed. Mr. Biden he had always believed and preached that abortion should not be paid for with federal tax dollars. But soon after he proclaimed his beliefs, he started to get some flack from some of his fellow democrats. It then got worse as it looked like it may even cost him the election. That’s bad enough, but now it’s starting to get more complicated for him since he attended a conference put on by Planned Parenthood. He certainly is aware of the fact that they are certainly in favor of abortion and would not vote in his favor if he favored tax dollars paying for abortion. At that conference is where he said that he changed his mind and could not support the Hyde amendment.

If I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Biden I would say, “Mr. Biden I’m not upset with you because you now say that tax dollars should not pay for abortion. I feel the same way but my problem with you is because I thought you would stand by your beliefs.”

Frank SanGregory