In reply to a letter from Paul

In reply to Paul Pospisill: We would first-off like to thank Mr. Pospisill for his service in the U.S. Navy! As and Air Force veteran of the ’60s I remember swearing to an oath of service, to my country, which is defined as a geographical area with certified boarders. I proudly served at the pleasure of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, even though I didn’t always agree with their political views. I would have done the same for any other president including Barak Obama and Donald Trump. All of these people were legally elected by the voters of this country by the regulations set-up, by our very wise forefathers, in the Constitution of our country. They all were, or are my president!

Our forefathers felt and others felt so strongly about their beliefs in this country that we went to war to make sure that we would have a country where everyone had the freedoms that only some were given in Great Britain. They went to great lengths to write a Constitution, and Declaration of Independence to assure they and those to come were not going to be subjects of any government, that the government would work for the people. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence every year with parades, fireworks of all kinds, picnics, air shows, etc. As to President Trump’s 4th of July celebration, I feel it was his presentation to our country and maybe the world to show how proud he is of what our military has become. Like a lot of proud parents who brag about their children, he just wanted to brag about the men and women who serve this country, and strive to protect our freedoms. His answer was a celebration on the 4th of July. Yes, it cost money to put on a show like that, bit in the scheme of things, it was a drop in the bucket, in comparison to how some in the Congress and the Senate waste our tax dollars on, the trips they take on our dollar, usually first class, or the benefits and perks that they receive that we don’t have.

While President Trump sometimes appears a little “thin skinned”, I sincerely believe he has a good heart and love of our country and wants and wants the best for all Americans. He sometimes does things differently than politicians, and a lot of other presidents of our country, just like Teddy Roosevelt, he is not a polished smooth talker, and steps on toes. He is a defender of the most vulnerable of all, the unborn, the most defenseless citizens who are being denied their right to live a life of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. He wants to protect the citizens living on the border and throughout our land, all he is asking is for people wanting to come into our country, is to do it the legal way. If you don’t do it legally, you have already broken the law of our land.

President Trump is asking that all Americans have the love of this country that he has, and when people in our government, have such disdain and hatred for our country and our history, he gets frustrated, and speaks out about it, and doesn’t try to sugar -coat his words. The proposal of socialism, will never work. It never has, it always brings destruction to a country. We have seen this example all over the world, and we see it going on today.

We all live in a country where we are free to have differing opinions, but if we want to keep that we must live by the Constitution that guarantees those rights and privileges. We also must live under the laws of God, as our pledge says. One nation under God, without that we will no longer be the land that everyone wants to come to, because we will be like all the other socialist countries in the world. Socialism is the greatest system until you run out of other peoples money. I don’t see any of the people proposing socialism, giving away anything, in fact they are not even paying their staff a minimum wage! Don’t be duped into something for nothing, because there is no such thing! The extreme views of the liberals will ruin this country, not resident Donald Trump, they are just using him as a distraction, hoping to take over and have it their way. We don’t want that to happen to this country, and certainly would like to see future generations, have that same guarantee, to live in a country where we are free to live where we want, practice our faith without fear, and have liberty, and justice for all. We as a country are not perfect, but we must be doing something right if so many people want to come here. If we are ashamed of anything it is the disrespect that is shown, by some sports figures, young politicians, and, so called stars, to our country, our flag, our country’s history, the lack of patriotism, and the complete stone-walling by many in congress.

God Bless the USA

Fred and Kay Zirger